LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The election, the future of our nation and Delaware

The election is over, our election process worked as designed, and Mr. Trump is now the president-elect. The true meaning of this monumental upset is the absolute and unequivocal rejection of the Democratic Party, its socialist policies, and Obama’s eight years.

This election should also be considered an excellent teaching point, for it proves that when a political party loses sight of the working American and focuses on policies that are designed to keep it and its political elite in power, the constituents failed by those policies vote negatively.

The Democrats and Hillary lost because of an incredibly flawed strategy. They assumed the Afro-American, Hispanic, and Rust Belt vote was a given, and it was not. They truly failed to recognize, or even consider, the plight of the unemployed American worker who has dropped from the unemployed rolls. There is an inherent danger, as the Democrats found out, in believing unemployment statistics.

The furor caused by this election has only widened the fractures in our nation’s fabric. Obama sees himself as a global citizen, vice a citizen of, and the president of, the United States of America.

His smooth-talking demeanor is a mask of his true beliefs and thoughts. It is those beliefs and thoughts that shaped his eight years in office and truly helped create the upset of Nov. 8. The Democratic Party is so shell-shocked over the results of the election that they will try anything (look at what’s currently transpiring) to stop the January inauguration.

I find it saddening that those currently in power are continuing to champion and discuss the very policies that were their demise, as opposed to listening [to] and understanding the American worker. Why isn’t President Obama standing on the steps of the White House demanding an end to the ongoing senseless violence and idiocy?

His failure to lead from the front is the major cause of the fractures mentioned above.

When you choose to lead from behind, the view never changes. To further illustrate their denial of this election, the Democrats have re-elected Nancy Pelosi minority leader in the House. Thanks to New York, Massachusetts, and California, the defeated policies of the Democratic Party will continue. Unless they accept and understand the reason for their defeat, 2018 will bring more losses.

What were those policies? We only have to look at the major failures of the Obama administration and his far-left Democratic wing. Our incredibly worthless and dangerous foreign policy strategy (remember who was selected in 2008 as VP due to his foreign policy expertise); the national debt climbing from about $8 trillion to almost $20 trillion; more Americans than ever below the poverty level and receiving government assistance; the true failure of Obamacare; the Iranian nuclear deal; the smaller percentage of Americans actually paying taxes (it is getting dangerously close to 50 percent, so, all of you supporters of Obama, Hillary, Bernie and Elizabeth need to start thinking about what that number really means); his failure to discuss the true meaning of Islamic Terrorism; the corruption at the IRS and DoJ; the muting of the FBI; his flawed policy of admitting anyone to this country; the further decline of our educational system; and his total rejection of working for ALL American citizens vice his championing of the Democratic far left wing socialistic policies.

This election has radically altered the political structure of the country, but Delaware, thanks to New Castle County, remains the same. So, with one exception, the game of limited participation in musical chairs continues. To Ms. Blunt-Rochester, congratulations. However, scrap the concept of a sanctuary state and the defeated Democratic policies you profess.

Also, as reported in this newspaper, why are your senior aides non-Delawarean? The downside of establishing a sanctuary state is just too dangerous. What words will you use to console the family who has a member killed by one of your sanctuary individuals? Remember, you represent the people of the state of Delaware, not the good old boys who let you into their circle.

To our governor-elect. The budget battle that took place prior to the election is only getting worse. Wouldn’t a balanced budget send a message to everyone, including the taxpayer of Delaware? The states and cities long controlled by the Democrats are running extremely high deficits. You eliminate a deficit by cutting spending, raising taxes, or bankruptcy.

What route do you think progressive Democrats will choose? Send a message: Delaware will only spend what it collects.

To our two senators. You both championed the policies of Obama. The new administration will most certainly reverse two of his midnight deals, Obamacare and the Iranian Nuclear Deal. Don’t fight the change.

It is time to reject all of the inflammatory rhetoric of the campaign, stop all of this senseless rejection of the election results, and once again think of the United States of America. For all of you who are advocating the end of the Electoral College, think of the absurdity of your proposal.

If we only use the popular vote, the only option I have seen presented, then, the votes of every Delawarean and those of approximately 43 other states would be meaningless. Is that Democracy? If you want to abolish the Electoral College, at least, propose a solution that counts everyone’s vote.

A lot has been written about our form of government, i.e., a Democracy versus a Republic. One could write a book on the differences; however, “the main difference between a republic and a democracy is the charter or constitution that limits power in a republic, often to protect the individual’s rights against the desires of the majority. In a true democracy, the majority rules in all cases, regardless of any consequences for individuals or for those who are not in the majority on an issue.”

As I have previously said, Democracy (see the paragraph above) is a fragile institution that needs nurturing and support. Democracy is also the umbrella that gives ALL of us the freedom to peaceably voice our views, and use abusive rhetoric for those with whom you disagree. For the past eight years, that nurturing and support, along with the freedom of expression, has been supplanted with the destructive ideology of socialism.

I hope and pray that our new president will once again provide the opportunity for ALL of its citizens to flourish, and make our Republic the world’s shining example of how government should function.

Frank Daniels
Retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel

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