LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Election protesters’ actions will be remembered

I think the only person more surprised than I that Donald Trump won the presidency was Donald Trump. Although about as much a fan of his as I am of his former opponent, I have to give Secretary Clinton this: she handed him his victory with distinctive grace in the finest tradition of our republic. Just as I was about to congratulate her here for such, she turns around and begins assigning blame for her loss. Granted, [FBI] Director Comey’s timing was poor, but I think, legally, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Moreover, doesn’t Secretary Clinton’s husband hold some responsibility for the unseemly appearance of his “chance” meeting with Loretta Lynch?

Ah, well, there’s a long history of blubbering in this country. I’ve spent many a day after an election down in the dumps and grumbling, but I got over it quickly because it is the American way that you win some and you lose some.

Hey, look at all of Secretary Clinton’s “finest” taking to the streets, throwing bottles at the police as they exercise their right of free speech against what they perceive to be the Deplorables that supported the Republican ticket.

By the way, I was not among President-elect Trump’s supporters during the election, but I have good friends and family who are, and there is not a homophobic, misogynistic, racist-xenophobe among them. The day after the election, they all went to work to pay their taxes and contribute to society. Can the same be said for Secretary Clinton’s street crowd, which notably is comprised to a large degree of disenchanted millennials?

I refuse to regard the aforementioned as disenfranchised because that somehow intimates this nation’s Constitution is responsible for their condition. It isn’t, and perhaps they ought to read it more closely.

Who are these people throwing bottles, and when might they upgrade their arsenal with gasoline? I take heart that, as they stand before television cameras grasping at their 15 minutes of fame by spouting an effluence of pseudo-intellectualism, they are completely oblivious to the Tyrannosaurus rex that is about to bite their head off. Probably some liberal-arts professor taught them that dinosaurs are extinct.

Americans have a long, long memory. There will always be those who will take account of who burns the flag or an effigy, or preaches what might be misconstrued as un-American sentiment. These private scorekeepers (who really ought to get lives) are not alone.

In this high-tech world, there are cameras everywhere, and it should be assumed that the authorities are watching everything (watch me scratch). But not them alone; there are also some very peculiar types who are out to create havoc simply for the joy of it, and such monsters use misguided innocence and self-righteous indignation to advance their own agenda.

These protesters’ actions will be remembered and recalled when they least wish (recall Kerry’s wife’s controversy) that they should be, such as when the time comes that they might run for elected office.

So, do not get me wrong. I have marched in protests with permits and while unarmed. I have yielded my words in opposition to what I believe is unjust, but the contemptible behavior of these spoiled children is not in keeping with the widely held conventions of their parents’ and grandparents’ generations. They have so much to learn for such clever people.

Carol Hotte

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