LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Enough is enough’ with President Trump

A number of people have taken exception to my earlier letter. (“Trump sending country back 100 years,” Feb. 6). Let me clarify for yo

One gentleman asked if my “talking points” came from Nancy Pelosi. As I don’t like or trust her that is a non-event. My points come from the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Another gentleman took exception to my comment about the Secret Service. No the Secret Service has not been defunded but they have had to go back to Congress for more funding. Director Randolph “Tex” Alles is quoted in USA Today on Aug. 21, 2017, that each trip to Mar-a-Lago costs about $3 million of our tax money. Add in the Secret Service having to maintain staffs in New York, Florida, New Jersey and Virginia, as well as providing security for Eric Trump to take a BUSINESS trip to Uruguay at a cost of $100,000 and trips to Vancouver and Dubai to open hotels, Ivanka and Jared taking their vacation to Aspen and daughter Tiffany and her boyfriend taking their vacation to Germany and Hungary and the pay for the Secret Service was maxed out. Did you take these kind of vacations?

With the tax bill just passed in December it is noted in the Associated Press of Dec. 22, 2017, that our national debt will greater than our economy by 2028. This will put us in the position that Greece has been in for several years but the European Union will certainly not bail us out. Many Trump supporters hailed the tax bill but will be in for a rude awakening when they figure their taxes next year.

Certainly the standard deduction was doubled, but the personal exemption will no longer exist. This year a couple with two children with a gross income of $50,000 can deduct a standard deduction of $12,700 and personal exemptions of $16,200 for a taxable income of $21,000\ with a tax of $2,300.

Next year, that same couple with a gross income of $50,000 will take a standard deduction of $24,000 leaving taxable income of $26,000 for a tax of $3,120. Don’t look for the expanded child credit to be a great relief as it is based on taxpayer’s income and those in the lower brackets don’t make enough to receive much credit.

And yes, you may notice an increase in your take-home pay. However, the pay raises and bonuses touted by the government will not be coming for most people. Large companies have already indicated they will use the new corporate savings to buy back stock and pay dividends to their stockholders. Walmart’s $1,000 bonus to employees is a one shot deal.

You have questioned the rise of China in the Pacific. With the disregard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership other nations now are making very favorable agreement with China. Now they tell us we are looking at spending $ 25,000,000,000 on a wall with Mexico. Wouldn’t this money be better spent on infrastructure? Will we build a wall with Canada next? The northern border is as porous if not more so than the southern one.

And let’s not ignore the Wall Street Journal of Oct. 21, 2017 regarding the expansion of the Russian submarine fleet. One of their latest, the Krasnador, a stealth machine is now a threat to the entire Mediterranean and we and our allies are having trouble tracking this sub. Their smaller sub, the Yasen, is also stealth technology and is designed to destroy aircraft carriers.

Yes, allies have been alienated when England does not even want the President of the United States on a state visit. With the release of the Republican memo we are telling people we can’t be trusted with sensitive intel and they will soon not be sharing information that we need to defend our country.

The gentleman stated he had been treated very well as a veteran. So was my father. However when the president states he doesn’t like vets who were captured and suffered over five years of torture serving their country he becomes a very small person.

Yes sir, many people trace their immigrant ancestors to Ellis Island. However, my family immigration started in 1622 and ended in 1836, long before Ellis Island. They were not engineers, they were farmers and carpenters from Wales, England, and Ireland, silversmiths from France, guards for the Knights from Germany and they were the pioneers who built this country from Virginia to Pennsylvania, to Kentucky with Daniel Boone, to Montana, to Texas and even Alaska. They have fought and died in every war from the Revolutionary to the present. Everyone, regardless of origin, color, or religion should be proud of their heritage and not maligned for that heritage.

We as Americans need to say enough is enough with the president and the intractable dealings of the Congress. As Sen. Lindsey Graham, my fellow Republican, stated “we don’t have a reliable partner at the “we don’t have a reliable partner at the White House to negotiate with.”

Doris W. Draper

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