LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Equality is a right for all American citizens

This is in response to Daniel Forsee’s article “Equality is an earned status” Oct. 9. Equality is not an earned status! It is a right for all people when it was written in the Declaration of Independence! We are all created equal. So just what are you really trying to say?

There may be a lot of people who do get government assistance. However, the other side of the coin is there are also a lot of people who go to work, pay their share of taxes, served in the armed forces for this country, and are still not treated equally! Even in the Constitution in the 14th Amendment, which was added in 1868, says that “No state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the “EQUAL” protection of the laws” So let’s not even talk about equality when it doesn’t apply to everyone equally!

The real reason Kapernick is not signed by anyone today is because of the stance he took. There are at least 10 teams he could start for and at least 20 teams that he could easily be a backup on. All of the owners are Trump supporters. They didn’t take anything personal until Trump put them on notice by saying that they should fire the S.O.Bs, and for the American people to stop going to the games and watching then on T.V.

Here’s a news flash for you Daniel and anyone else who agree with Trump’s ideology. Enough people in the United States will continue to watch football on television. Enough people will continue to go to the games too — myself included.

The NFL will continue to make its money Whether all of you self-designated patriots choose not to support the NFL — which is your right to do so choosing not to support the NFL doesn’t mean anything! It only confirms that as long as the issues of unequality does not affect the vast majority of the American people, who cares?

But you let something happen in America that does affect the majority. Then there’s a public outcry. Then it’s an American problem? Just because people choose to stand for the flag and anthem does not make these people any more patriotic than the ones who choose not to! Colin Kapernick is being ostracized by the NFL owners.

The treatment of Kapernick is a prime example the racial injustice and bigotry, unequality!

You can compare the treatment to that of slavery. (Yes, I’m going there.) Back in the days of slavery, if a slave attempted to run away and was captured, the slave owner would make an example of that slave publicly in front of the rest of the slaves by doing something horrific to that slave.

That would be a lesson and clear message to the rest of the slaves that says “This is what will happen to you if you ever try to run away! “So in the same essence, none of the owners signing Kapernick is a lesson to all the NFL players. “This is what will happen to you if you ever even think about or try to do what Kapernick did!”

The bad thing about this is, Kapernick wasn’t nasty or violent in his protest. He was peaceful.

He’s even gone as far as putting his money where his protest is, by donating large sums of money to help troubled communities, schools, and has even reached out to law enforcement. But nobody says a thing about all of that.

All people want to believe is ”It’s disrespecting our country.” Please, just stop with all the patriotic rhetoric. If we really want to get technical, this is not really “our country “! “Our country” was stolen from the Indians who were here first.

Francis A. Bethel

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