LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Further erosion of our democracy

When I first wrote about “the slow destruction of democracy in America,” published by this paper on July 19, 2016, we were in the midst of a heated race for the presidency.

In November 2016 the American public agreed with Donald Trump sending a loud and clear message to the elite politicians on both sides of the aisle — start thinking about us and not your political party bosses. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party under Schumer and Pelosi, has done nothing but cry over their loss and fought the president on every policy he advocates. Never mind what “might” be good for the country, fight the man until we get our power back. Their concept of negotiation is, “it’s my way or the highway.”

Chuck tried the highway or my way, had to cave, and for the time being, the Schumer shut down is over. However, I have faith in Chuck, he will do his best to bring it back. The hell with child health care and the military, his priority is illegal aliens!! phe President rescinded an illegal executive order (Obama’s words) and told Congress, do your job.

Chuck and the Democrats, along with a few elite Republicans, can’t or won’t, so using emotion and threats, want the illegal issue front and center, but only with their solution. Give the kids I-9s and let them get in line to apply for citizenship.

To further understand the incredible divide that has taken over Washington, we now have Democrats stating they will boycott the state of the union address, just as they boycotted the inauguration. We also have our state’s representative in Washington calling the president a racist and Sen. Coons being very coy about how he talks about him (saying his comments are “implicitly racist”). Maybe you need to review the definition of implicit Sen. Coons. If the rhetoric used by the Democrats wasn’t bad enough, they are now running a Senatorial candidate in Maryland who is a convicted felon who leaked top secret documents, and oh by the way, had his/her sentence commuted by President Obama.

What honest negotiations are taking place in Washington for the betterment of this country? All we hear is the mindless rhetoric of politicians who, by failing to act in the interest of our country, have caused the current problems of immigration, the debt, our underfunded military, health care, social security insolvency, and a host of other problems.

The chameleon Democrats change the attack on the president (although he doesn’t help himself) at every opportunity, keeping the real issues of government out of the news. There is the special counsel, the inflammatory rhetoric of impeachment and mental stability, calling the president a racist, and boycotting meetings (where were Nancy and Chuck at the televised discussion?).

Why all of the moving tactics to attack the president? The answer is simple, he’s rocked the establishment of the political elite by representing the people who elected him. If you listen to our politicians talk, on both sides of the aisle, it makes you wonder whose side they represent, the American public or their survival.

I truly believe President Trump is doing his best to “make America great again,” but the elitists, constantly referring to their rules and regulations, which differ between the House and Senate, are doing everything in their power to protect themselves and their way of life. Ask one of them a question, and what you get is a five-minute monologue that sounds wonderful, but says absolutely nothing.

God forbid one of our senators or representatives should answer a question with a straight response. I think that’s where President Trump infuriates them as he says what’s on his mind. Probably not the ideal way to answer a “political” question; however, understand the design of his strategy: change the political climate. Remember, we have been conditioned by the elite’s responses to act like Pavlov’s dogs. The president must have “psychological problems” if his responses are not the smooth talking points we’ve been conditioned to hear.

The reporting and rhetoric on the majority of TV stations is not news, but an indoctrination to a policy (political) point of view. Don’t think independently, just listen to us and we will “give you the truth.” The country is so divided, that I fear it’s going to take a “real” disaster, not created by Mother Nature, to bring us back together and start thinking that we are Americans vice Democrats or Republicans. The rhetoric, animosity, and divisiveness has to go; however, the elite politicians I’ve previously written about are not about to give up their power and money to allow our Democratic Republic to flourish.

Look no further than our educational system to further understand the erosion process. We’ve already educated one, and perhaps two, generations of young people who think socialism is okay, and we are well on our way to educating another in the same fashion.

When my 13-year-old granddaughter asked me, “why is America a bad country,” I was shocked. Where did she learn that? Certainly not at home and definitely not from either my wife or myself. We have dumbed down and bastardized our curriculum to the point where the teacher gets remedial training if a percentage, determined by the state, of his/her class fails. What about the responsibility of the student to learn?

We are indoctrinating our high school students to go off to college for more indoctrination! Look at the proliferation of offices on college campuses called the Office of Diversity and Inclusion or whatever their called. What exactly is their function? Why do I need someone to tell me how to think and behave? If you think about the basic tenets of socialism, those types of sanctioned offices should scare the hell out of you. Understand that the generations we are “educating” today, will be our leaders of tomorrow.

As we gear up for the mid-term elections, start thinking about who will represent U.S. best versus just electing those already in power. Listen carefully to what the candidates say, understand their “implied” message, and think of our country, not some sycophant of the New Castle County Boss Tweed machine.

Unless we the people stand up and vote for those who will represent us honestly and fairly, the current crop of elite politicians will keep us on their path of how we should think and act, and before we know it, our Democratic Republic will become a wonderful state of socialism — until the money runs out.

Frank Daniels
Col. (Ret), USAR

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