LETTER TO THE EDITOR: GOP must work together to replace Obamacare

With the ongoing controversy concerning the Repeal and Replace platform for the Affordable Care Act (that has proven to be just an Act but not Affordable nor Caring), aka ObamaCare, there appears to be no ability for all our congressional members to get behind a solid, strong and creditable replacement for the ACA. The current Republican offering called American health care does cover many issues that must be addressed, but is not being accepted by all in Washington, D.C. This plan may need some tweaking, but working together would be a start in the right direction.

ObamaCare will self-destruct in about a year without any Republican intervention. The self-inflicted wounds include the escalating premiums, the diminishing and limited exchanges, the inability of patients unable to see their doctor of choice because “Big Brother” does not designate that doctor to be an appropriate representative for their program. The Feds interfere too much already in our daily lives, giving them that power they so treasure and refuse to lose.

The dilatory Democrats could blame no one but themselves for the demise of their much-heralded health care disaster. With that concept in mind, perhaps it would behoove our Republican majority leaders to hold off pushing through their first replacement offering until substantial revisions and improvements could be finalized. Sit down with their colleagues and thrash out a good plan that will benefit all Americans giving them the choices they require at a reasonable rate of return.

President Trump was the man Americans voted for to Make America Great Again. He has only been on the job for less than two months, and the Dems have done nothing but berate and degrade any positive efforts he has made to get the good-paying jobs, jobs, jobs Americans have been thirsting for and been denied for the past eight years; establish the much-needed and awaited tax reforms our country has been denied for decades; rebuild the deteriorating infrastructure projects our country deserves; strengthen all our military forces to their ultimate capacity and loosen the strangling choke-hold of ineptness now in place for our rules of engagement promoted by President Trump’s predecessor that only burdened our brave warriors and endangered their lives; ensure that our veterans are taken care of with honor and swift response to their many needs that have been neglected; and protecting our American citizens by building that Great Wall.

President Trump was elected because Americans were tired of the Washington, D.C., politicians who ran the show … run right into the ground if left to their own devices. The “outsider” is playing hard ball with the JV if they think they can run roughshod over the president. This ain’t his first rodeo. Their slings and arrows of slander, undocumented myths and continual negative innuendos, repetitive unproven questions on Russian intervention of the 2016 presidential election on the president’s behalf, and criticism of any issue they believe will distract our president from his mission and commitment to America are becoming quite redundant, and they are mistaken.

Our beloved country must continue on the path to good fortune with a strong leader at the helm. No more interference and interruption by Democratic demagogues and media molesters will be tolerated.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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