LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government using deception to deny rights

America is under siege and engaged in the ancient battle of principalities.

This is a battle between the forces of good and evil, not of flesh and blood. Now I know, because of the world’s current state of chaos and worldwide atrocities being committed, many people will reject this message.

But do you know that the first individual freedom we fought for was freedom of “conscience’ regarding religion? This king of England as the head of the church controlled access to the Bible. Even when the Bible was being translated into the common language of the people, the Bibles were chained to the pulpits to be read only by his designated representatives.

As the colonies were being formed, the governors appointed by the king were writing him with great concern because the ministers in the colonies were teaching the people to self-govern by the Scriptures. They said, “If you don’t stop them, we will never be able to dominate these people.”

The king ordered his bishops to tax our churches, or close their doors. In 1687, the governor of Massachusetts brought before him Pastor John Wise of Ipswich, Mass., to convey the order. Pastor Wise refused, saying, “The King of England is not the head of our church; Jesus Christ is.” The governor put the pastor in jail. His congregation revolted, arrested the governor, put him in chains and shipped him back to England. That took place long before the Boston Tea Party!

It makes me wonder: Is that where Thomas Jefferson derived his famous quote: “All tyranny needs to succeed is for men of good conscience to remain silent”?

So, here we are in 2016 and an elected (state) senator is using guile to try and intimidate us and deny us of our rights, not only constitutional, but more importantly, “God”-given right. Perhaps it is of no concern that this very senator championed the bill for a select protected group, of which she was secretly a part and would benefit from.

After Delaware legislators passed the marriage-equality act, she proudly announced her intention to marry her lifelong same-sex partner, commenting that now, we can expand on the definition of marriage! Her legacy will be a lingering contemptuous cloud over the hallowed chambers of Legislative Hall.

But in all fairness, it is not just one elected official that is using select groups of individuals who have coalesced to appear to have a powerful voting bloc.

To counter the sophism which tends to dominate any attempt for civil conversation these days, I have been walking the streets promoting a different type of organization. It is called A.C.E.S. (American Christian Evangelist Soldiers) The A.C.E.S. Creed is adapted from Delaware’s first state constitution. It was the affirmation oath for elected or appointed officials.

Russ Murphy – a.k.a. Grizzly

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