LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What has happened to my country?

I started to listen to many debates, but they became foolish in the arguments and reasoning, so, I turned them off. We still have so many issues that have been around for years, but never solved. Why?

Let’s look at our history: Our forefathers established our country; rules were made to keep America free and safe. The rules and laws were based on Bible teachings, for in each new town that came about was a school and a church. Prayer and Scripture were read before each session of Congress, so, why did [some] feel that God and country should be separated? Those documents never said that. Could this reasoning be a lie? Laws have been changed because our leaders have changed. Their lifestyles have become questionable. You cannot separate God and country and have a great country. Never worked before, and it does not work today.

I have been reading and studying the Bible and have found a lot of our problems can be solved by letting God and the Bible lead the way. Even health remedies are found, and family issues.

Kings and Chronicles have a lot of history in [them], where rulers were led astray by false religious leaders, having them and others believe that sacrificing their children to those false gods would be the answer. It took a young boy to change the country’s attitude toward God, and the nation became powerful again.

The Prophets warned people against disobedience toward God. Some of those warnings have happened to us now: Weather conditions, illnesses. There have always been warnings before the fall. Think about that. Are we going to fall because of our unbelief and disobedience to God? God only wanted one faith, not as many as they had false idols.

We have so many issues that have never been solved, but pushed aside for the next government to handle.

The drug issue. We have so many innocent victims that have died due to drug usage — cocaine, heroin, opium, and even marijuana. We have our own drug dealers and manufacturers right here in America. Stop glorifying it and state it as it is: It’s dangerous, and death may be the result.

The gun issue — Second Amendment. It’s nice we all [have] the right to bear arms, but the arms are falling into the wrong hands, and even our children are affected by this. I heard children, who lost their loved ones due to gun violence, say, “All they want is peace.” Peace throughout the land. Maybe our children have the answers to our problems. We should listen to them.

The abortion issue. What some of us should look at is how Roe v Wade really came about. It was based on a lie. Two women lawyers convinced Norma McCoy to say she was raped to get the judges to make abortion legal. It worked. Today, hundreds of babies are murdered because of false reasoning.

Hillary wants abortion to be legal to all women; no matter what stage their pregnancy is, the baby must die. Her reason: Mother’s health. There are other reasons to follow: Wrong relationships, careers, too busy. Rightful reasons? God even stated that miscarriages caused by unreasonable things bring about the death penalty. If an unborn child matters to God, then, why not a woman, who someday may become a mother? To Hillary, the baby in the womb is nothing, but outside the womb, it’s the most precious thing on earth. What makes the difference? I want to know.

Our children should be our first concern. There are some homeless, hungry, abused by loved ones and strangers. Those problems must be solved first and foremost. Our children are our future. Love and peace are all they want, plus freedom and safety. It is too much to offer to them?

Which candidate is the best for America? Which one?

Cheryl Skinner

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