LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The hypocrisy of DACA continues

I have to say I was a bit amused at the fairytale spun by Carlos Holmes in Sunday’s paper (“Dreamers: Delaware State University is their school, the U.S. is their home,” Sept. 9)

I will give him credit, however, in managing to stick to the party line while tossing in an occasional insult and epithet towards President Trump’s action of removing Barack Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal executive order on children of illegal aliens.

Mr. Holmes spends most of his diatribe in trying to tug at our heartstrings and creating victims where there are none. He embellishes it by invoking the self-righteous promoters of this illegal actions by vilifying those who see the blatant abuse of American taxpayer dollars.

Just how many “Dreamers” are in the U.S. illegally is up for speculation. One group testified before Congress that there were 11 million while other figures are around 800,000. Regardless of the number, the fact is that each of these children were brought into this country by Illegal aliens who thumbed their noses that the laws of this nation preclude. In doing so, they immediately started using the graft of a gratuitous country for their benefit. To date, none of those parents has sought naturalization while garnishing the hard-earned money of taxpayers.

Now let’s reverse the fairytale. Let’s say that a poor American sharecropper crossed into Mexico. Before you answer, you’d better look at the immigration laws of that country. Could you apply for government housing? Could you apply for welfare? Could you get free tuition assistance? Could you even get a driver’s license there? But I know; such talk in incongruous for a “good American” to even think without risking the wrath of being called slanderous names.

Since Mr. Holmes is so proud of his university’s stance, perhaps he could tell me exactly what it costs my great-granddaughter to a attend his school. She’s a white, native born citizen. She’s from a one-parent home of limited income. What would it cost her to attend?

My next-door neighbors are African American. He retired from the military and his wife is retired, both living on a fixed income. What did it cost their children and grandchildren to attend there? Do either of these groups of American citizens qualify for free tuition, lodging, food, and books? Aren’t their “dreams” at least of equal importance as those who have made no effort to integrate into our society?

Just how many of these “dreamers” intend to assimilate into the American landscape and return the benevolence we granted them. For Mr. Holmes to even use the words “grave injustice” is an insult to Americans scratching to stay above the poverty line and whose children, in order to attend these universities must seek grants and student loans that require a significant return over a decade or more to satisfy.

You want to talk grave injustice, you tell that to some middle class kid attending Indian River schools wondering how he’s going to come up with lunch money next week. Hold a march in their hometown where they and 10 generations of their family have been born and lived eking out a living. This is truly their home.

I’m no Scrooge, and would never cast a child out because of the sins of their parents, but many who are protected by DACA are now in their 40s, have no intention of assimilating into our society, and many have taken to the criminal effort that would destroy our country. There simply has to be some caveat as to who stays and who gets deported. That’s a matter of law that Barack Obama overstepped and to vilify Donald Trump for upholding the U.S. Constitution is contemptible and repugnant.

Laws are made in the U.S. Congress and if these three individuals representing this Small Wonder think it’s so important, then it’s incumbent upon them to make it lawful and to set the standards of which that law should be enforced. Until then, spare me the crocodile tears and guilt trips.

George Roof


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