LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Inside Trump’s brilliant plan to swing election

Many Americans have been wondering “What is going on with the Republicans?” Who in their right mind would support someone like Donald Trump for the presidency of the USA – the greatest nation on earth, with a president who is arguably the most powerful person on earth?

Finally, someone has figured out what is happening. If I am correct (and I am 99.875 percent sure), Donald Trump may go down in history alongside Solomon as one of the smartest people ever born on this planet. That is, if I have got this figured correctly.

There may be some details that will make it even more astounding, but this is what I believe he plans to do. Once he garners all the primary votes (or at least, most of them), and once it clearly looks like he will win the nomination, he will reveal his plan.

All along, he has planned to expose the other candidates for what and who they really were, and once he accomplished this, he would reveal the genius of his plan. He already has shown Gov. Christie for what he is, and Mr. Trump is in the process of exposing Ted Cruz. Once this process is completed, he will capitulate and give his delegates to the soon-to-be president of the USA.

Since Mr. Trump is a wizard when it comes to polls and he can see very clearly what the future holds via this clairvoyance, he already knows that Gov. John Kasich (of Ohio) is the only GOP candidate capable of beating Hillary Clinton in the general election (or Bernie Sanders, for that matter, as well). With Donald Trump’s full support and delegates supporting Gov. Kasich, the GOP will have been reunited, the issues will have been clarified and Gov. Kasich will have the pathway cleared to the White House.

What a brilliant strategy! Mr. Trump has not been involved in politics in the past because he probably never really wanted to be president; however, as a concerned citizen, he has felt the necessity to participate in this campaign (using his own funds!) to more clearly bring out the issues and the emotions of the American people, and to reveal to all Americans the other candidates’ true colors.

Well done, Mr. Trump. Now it will be so exciting to see the media and the people of America gasp as you pull this ace out of your sleeve. What an incredible and unbelievable move you are going to make!

This will go down in history as the most amazing presidential campaign and the most astounding performance of a candidate! Folks will be talking about it for generations to come. Donald Trump will indeed go down in history as one of the most amazing and intelligent political strategists the world has ever seen!

A prophet from Delaware,

Steve Halstead

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