LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Insurance commissioner needs to get over Obamacare

In response to Trinidad Navarro’s article on Obamacare. This guy is surely delusional.

Now I’m gonna repeat what I’ve been saying because this guy doesn’t get it.

It’s only a marketplace if you have more than one choice. Highpoint is all we have Trinidad, that’s called a monopoly. And yes, they too will be gone once the government money they were getting to make up the difference is gone — and it is gone — thank you Trump.

The insurance companies you speak of enticing to join Delaware are not coming back anytime soon. If Trinidad doesn’t know that, we’ll now you do.

How in the world, Trinidad, do you expect ACA to be affordable when it averages 33 percent increases per year. The people nor the government can’t afford that, Trinidad, don’t you see? Are you blind or I’m sorry for saying this, or are you just another Democrat hating on Trump.

If you want to fix health care, first you have to control the cost of it starting with healthcare providers, the hospitals, doctors and labs.

For instance, an MRI will cost your insurance $1,800 plus the cost of the doctor who “reads” the MRI. If you don’t have insurance, they will do it for $500.

Some hospitals charge $5 for an aspirin while some charge $100. Simple operations can vary in price by $50,000, depending on where you live and which doctor or hospital you use.

Mr Navarro, if you figure out how to standardize and limit the costs of health care directly with those who provide us with health care and bill us for it.

I’m talking about every procedure, operation and test. Then you stop the double digit percentage increase per year and it has a better chance of being affordable.

Congress can vote to fund costs sharing or whatever but the costs still skyrocket and sooner or later even the almighty federal government won’t be able to afford the bill.

Insurance companies left Delaware because it wasn’t profitable after the ACA came along.

They will come back once it is profitable again.

You estimate 58,000 people without insurance. How many of those people were gonna drop their health insurance and pay the fine because they just couldn’t pay $1,000 plus premiums a month up from the $750 they barely could afford. At 33 percent increase per year. How many more years could they “hold on”. Be real, Trinidad.

Ninety-eight people are going to die according to you because of Medicaid cuts by Trump. Be honest. I think you just made that up. Naxolone is becoming more available all the time. First responders now all carry it. Don’t try to make a stand for Obamacare using the opioid epidemic. Heroin users typically don’t have health care insurance.

Now here is the main thing that’s going to happen now that Trump cut off the money to Highpoint. They are going to get out of Delaware and Obamacare will be gone because there is no where to get it.

So Trinidad, start getting ready for that and get over Obamacare.

Jay Pratt


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