LETTER TO THE EDITOR: John McCain’s appalling conduct

John McCain’s recent conduct as an establishment anti-Trump Republican and a sitting U.S. senator is appalling.

McCain has been a constant source of obstructive criticism and back-biting since Donald Trump started campaigning for president back in June 2015.

Let us not forget that McCain first attacked back in 2015 stating Trump supporters were crazy dumb idiots or something to that effect.

What if Sen. McCain’s father and grandfather, both U.S. Naval Academy graduates and decorated four-star admirals were alive today?

Perhaps McCain’s forebearers would be ashamed, embarrassed, and horrified to see what may appear to be treasonous conduct by the heir to their family legacy of honorable public service.

The honorable senator from Arizona, recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, may act with impunity.

However, the McCain name well may be stained and tarnished by his most destructive and damaging words, deeds, and actions.


Dave Graham

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