LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keep hope alive for moms

It’s almost 365 days since the last Mother’s Day, and as I think back to last year with my own children, I’m filled with love and gratitude for the honor of playing the important role of a mother. Unfortunately, too many mothers will mourn as they reflect on this past year, as 5.9 million children died of mainly preventable and treatable causes before their fifth birthdays.

Last year in Nigeria, my country of birth, 450 children died due to malnutrition in 28 camps for people escaping attacks by Boko Haram. Access to nutritious food would have prevented these deaths. More recently, I followed a story of two children that were dying from starvation. Their story moved people to gather food supplies and medical aid. Unfortunately, it was too late, as the children later passed away. These are just a few stories that point to the bigger problem, the devastating reality that while food goes to waste across the United States, children are dying across the world due to lack of nutrition.

This isn’t a message of hopelessness, though. Thanks, in part, to U.S. leadership, the number of children dying from preventable causes has been cut in half. We know the solutions to this problem, and through continued strong partnership, we can bring this number to zero in our generation. However, this is under threat with the White House’s proposed cuts to lifesaving global maternal and child health programs. We must stand up and reject these cuts. We need our Senators Carper and Coons and Congresswoman Blunt Rochester to speak up and protect this critical funding.

As we honor our own moms across the country, let’s remember those moms around the world who strive to protect their babies but struggle, through no fault of their own, for lack of resources. Raise your voice today. There is no better gift a mother can get from you today.

Felicia Taiwo

Delaware Results Advocate


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