LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kudos to Kent General Hospital

On a recent trip to Dover, I had the misfortune to need emergency medical care. As I waited in the ER at Kent General, I had the chance to reminisce. My great, great grandfather, Manlove Hayes, once owned the property that Kent General is built on and his house (c 1856) still overlooks it. My grandmother, Mary, donated a piece of ground for new construction. My mother, Sally, was the first president of its Junior Board and I was born there 74-plus years ago.

My family knew the facility as Kent General Hospital, now Bayhealth Kent General. I had the first of several surgeries there when only two surgeons, Henry and Bob, walked the halls behind their masks.

Back in the 50’s there were, I suspect, fewer than a dozen referring physicians: Carl, Doc Joe (the Dean), Doctor Ben, later Stites and Harold. No specialists, albeit an orthopedics doctor came down from Wilmington once a week. But, the care — outstanding!

I moved to Cleveland some 35-plus years ago where we are used to great hospitals. Over the years, I marveled at Kent General’s expansion on a relatively small piece of property. Now, South State Street and South Governors Street are inundated with medical offices, mostly specialists. Amazing!

During my visit to the ER, I was admitted to the hospital. What a facility! The nurses, doctors, and the entire staff made the four-day stay more than tolerable. Won’t blame anyone for those damn IVs or the special diet with decaf coffee (ugh!). I cannot say enough kind things about the hospital. The 180,000 Kent Countians should be proud plus all others cared for from the surrounding environs.

And, the followup on my return home was amazing, including my Bayhealth doctor, who called me in Cleveland to check on my status. And, the staff never tired of this patient’s telling of his family connections to the hospital nor of days past!

Daniel M. Wilson
Cleveland, Ohio

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