LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Legalizing marijuana in Delaware is ‘a bad deal’

House Bill 110 introduces the legalization of marijuana to Delaware. It is simply a bad deal for everyone. It seems that states like Delaware are too eager to jump on the bandwagon idea that “if you can’t beat them, tax them.”

The proponents of marijuana actively campaign the idea that marijuana is simply misunderstood and is safe for consumption like alcohol or cigarettes, with no irreparable damage possible. They will state that the drug is not addicting and actually contributes to peace in our times. What they don’t tell you is that marijuana IS a gateway drug. This is why you see heroin and other hard-drug busts almost always accompanied with possession of marijuana.

How about secondary smoke? How many children will be subject to its effects? Proponents state that marijuana is easily found and purchased on the streets today. However, how many teens that are not part of those illegal circles will become marijuana smokers from adult straw buyers? How much of that tax revenue will be lost with the additional prosecutions and medical treatment of those not entitled to use it. or the repair of destroyed lives?

If you want facts about the negative impact of marijuana, check the newly released statistics on road deaths by the Governors Highway Safety Association. In 2015, 57 had marijuana in their systems! And yet, we cry for all of the DUI deaths out there.

Oppose House Bill 110. Too many people will pay the price in blood simply to make a buck or two for the state and more for a couple of drug dealers.

Eric Czerwinski

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