LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Legislative budget cuts hurting Delaware senior citizens

In reading the article on the front page of the Delaware State News this morning, I was so saddened to read further about the budget cuts to senior centers and the huge impact it is having. (“Nonprofits fret over state funding,” Aug. 2)

I work for the Modern Maturity Center. I have been here for 12 years. In this time, I have seen people come and go and have seen the happiness this center brings to the seniors in giving them a place to go every day and a purpose in life. My mom, who has recently passed, made friends here, played dominoes and had her hair styled in our beauty shop. She was not outgoing but MMC welcomed her and gave her something to look forward to.

MMC is a little city. You can do everything from buying stamps, play games, read, watch television in a beautiful, comfortable, air-conditioned library or participate in an activity. Many of these activities are free! We have volunteers who come here every day and help out in various positions.

I thank our legislators for passing the budget and not cutting all grant-in-aid to us but I would like them to really think hard about next year. If the services we provide were not here, where would these seniors go for the help they need?

We all have positions here but we provide help in many different areas such as simply answering a question our seniors are confused about.

Our bus service, Meals on Wheels, volunteers (RSVP), health screenings, flu shots, Medicare advice, SNAP information, so many, I can’t even list.

I hope our legislators would stop in and spend some time and see what we do here. When you see the camaraderie among the clients and the smiling faces, you will see the desperate need for MMC to thrive! Find somewhere else to cut, cut spending, keep your thermostat higher, anything else but don’t hurt the seniors!

Mary R. Riordan

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