LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let’s bring America back to the ‘center right’

If you just so happen to be paying attention, one can clearly see the rapid decline and denigration for so many aspects of the “American Way” and our country as a whole.

Establishment politics and corporate greed need to be eradicated. Politicians need to clearly understand, they are elected by the people, and are to be for the people, not special interests nor for themselves. Boundaries and strict limitations need to be enforced concerning politicians and actual relations with Wall Street and the entire corporate world.

Ninety-five million Americans displaced from the workforce, 55 million receiving public assistance, America’s infrastructure — roads, highways, bridges and railway systems — in serious decay, aviation, both planes and support structure, lagging way behind in technology, health care system, coupled with medication costs out of control, not to exclude people deprived of essential care.

That’s not all: substance abuse is a major problem contributing to the rapid disintegration of a “healthy” society, with people dying unnecessarily. Governments, federal, state and local, are not doing nearly enough in making a difference to eliminate this scourge. The main objective should be interdiction: identify, isolate, contain and eliminate the source.

Develop, maintain and provide comprehensive treatment and rehabilitative services for addiction and a transformation process that enables individuals to make positive changes with their lives, not to include incarceration. Incarceration should be solely for the undesirables, individuals who are apprehended by law enforcement for distributing and selling; actual sentencing should be harsh and long-term.

The entire health care system currently in use is an abysmal failure and must be repealed A new administration in 2017 needs to ensure all recipients are permitted to select the insurance company, plan, and doctor of choice, with no restrictions on coverage. As for the skyrocketing costs regarding actual care and medication, the federal government, in conjunction with the states, needs to impose strict regulation and control on the entire industry to ensure costs and profits are kept in check, fair and equitable for all.

Education reform needs to take place, as well. The United States lags behind a significant number of countries. Colleges and universities need to stop extorting the consumer with outrageous tuitions, lower costs, stop providing absurd pay and compensation packages for presidents and deans. Within the entire process of providing an education, from the outset, individualized attention is imperative; every student is important, not just the gifted, talented and honor students. The ultimate goal: to ensure no person is left behind.

The military needs a complete a comprehensive overhaul, to include rebuilding and expanding its infrastructure, arsenal, reach and capabilities. Significant pay increases for all members across the board.

No armed services member should ever have to resort to requesting public assistance to live day to day, nor having to provide for a family. Military retirements should be tax-exempt, and why not? Certainly, after an individual has served this country honorably for 20 to 30 years. ALL war veterans deserve whatever care is determined after the appropriate evaluation, without delay. The life-insurance policy acquired while serving on active duty should stay in force, with premiums paid by the military and included in retirement provisions.

Abolish the Internal Revenue Service, and implement an across-the-board 15-percent flat tax for everyone. Get the “Wall” built without delay, just as a presidential candidate has advocated. In addition, control immigration by “vetting” properly all who wish to enter this country.

Eliminate dependency on foreign oil by totally lifting restrictions on exploration and development within the United States, and by doing so, consumers will see significantly lower and affordable prices at the pump. Expand efforts in research and development on acquiring alternative fuels, as well.

Return to space exploration, specifically the “Space Shuttle program,” vital to so many aspects associated with mere civilization and, most importantly, national security. Increase protective measures to ensure Second Amendment rights are never infringed upon. Return to core principles, the foundation for stable moral and religious values, to include a strong, unified, sustainable family concept.

In closing, what has been evident for a considerable period of time is [that] this country has drifted dramatically from “center right” to “center left.” The number-one ambition for all should be to ensure a return to the norm, “center right,” to include eliminating social, religious, racial and economic inequalities.

James M. Isabella
U.S. Air Force, retired

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