LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The mounting casualties of workplace casualness

Though I am retired, I have contact with a lot of women yet in the work force and many of them are quite young. We can see from the Roger Ailes and Harvey Weinsteins of the world that sexual harassment in the workplace certainly hasn’t been driven out by the millennials and their “everybody is my buddy” attitudes. Now you might presume that because these two aforementioned fellows are dinosaurs that some young knight is going to replace them and there will be no more of that nonsense but that isn’t realistic.

This stupidity has gone on for far too long everywhere; not just in Hollywood. If anything Hollywood has promoted it except for producing the occasional based on fact movie about some heroine who takes down the powers that be because justice always prevails. Ask Megyn (Kelly) how that’s working out for her. Please don’t mistake that she’s my idol, I have an opinion as to why Kelly didn’t “out” Ailes long before she did but I will keep that to myself.

I tell these youngsters faced with this problem their first mistake was thinking one can be friends with one’s employment superiors; but alas some of these poor women never wanted to be friends. Indeed, Boss Jo Bob and his brothers advised more than a few that it was imperative that she hang with the boys (or at least him) in order to fit in.

For a while the inexperienced one is so innocent as to believe doing so will assure her retention or a fabulous reference when she chooses to part ways. Then dawns the realization of what is really going on followed by several easily anticipated scenarios and how they will play out against her per the prognostications of this old woman who learned at the age of 18 that the system is not in place to help the offended.

Ugliest of all is a fashionable human resource policy that is being far too widely wielded which is protecting sexual predators on the job. I think that “non-disclosure” statements are not only insidious but ought to be regarded as unconstitutional when it comes to labor disputes. What H.R. people do in representing the best interests of their employers actually protects the predator not necessarily because they want to but because that is policy designed to protect the company as structured by Ivy League counsel.

The victim then suffers a plethora of intimidation tactics while the bait of “severance” packages is waved in front of them hoping they will sign the infernal associated ‘gag order’ and go quietly.

Understand that unlike in Hollywood or up on Wall Street, these severance packages are not any more attractive than the vermin praying on the victims. But to avoid having their names dragged through the effluence that such creatures wallow in the victims (typically young women) take it and run. Then it seems to the world that progress is being made for women in the workplace. Not.

The only thing redeeming about H.R. people in this type of situation is they have now identified a problematic manager (many of whom like to claim their proclivities are an addiction) and largely three months to three years later, the offender is out of a job too; either that or they have been professionally castrated in some manner and has become a community pariah.

The company never actually says they got rid of the offender because he was a predator; no, they find another reason because that the cleanest and most cost-efficient way to take care of such problems.

Remember where you first heard someone call these workplace grazers, sexual predators. As a futurist I predict it won’t be the last time they are identified as such.

Carol Hotte


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