LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Multiple misdeeds foreshadow Trump presidency

Oh, where to begin? Donald Trump is a serial liar, a hypocrite and a scoundrel. He paid the government to settle a charge of racial discrimination in housing and recently shelled out another $25 million for defrauding students of his Trump “University.” He has hired illegal aliens at cut-rate wages on his projects (then, stiffed them) and sold imported merchandise in his businesses. Despite this, he has ranted against undocumented immigrants and those who fail to support jobs in America.

As a presidential candidate, Trump claimed that Americans pay the highest taxes (far from true), that America is being overwhelmed by illegal aliens (while net migration across the Mexican border has been going south), that violent crime rates in America are soaring (while they are lower in this decade than in the past). Trump’s claims were easily proven false, but he continued to state them. This is the definition of “lying,” folks.

Trump has blamed the Democrats for having been hacked by the Russians; and he praised the fugitive-from-justice founder of Wikileaks (whom Trump previously wanted to see executed) for publishing them.

It was those revelations and Trump’s conflating of them with Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server — along with FBI Director Comey’s inexplicable announcements shortly before the presidential election — that led to Trump’s victory.

Trump has avoided paying income taxes despite claiming to make billions, yet, refuses to disclose his income tax returns to public scrutiny. The failure to release tax returns has made it impossible to know where he has investments and the sources of his income.

This becomes critically important when charges that Trump is a Russian tool have been circulating for all to see. Under these circumstances, it is exceedingly strange that he has criticized everyone except Russian president Vladimir Putin. If the Congress won’t investigate this bizarre behavior, they’re simply not doing their jobs.

The proposal to avoid any conflict of interest by turning management of his business empire (in which he retains ownership) to his sons is as laughably inadequate as its acceptance is pathetic.

If Trump were serious about avoiding the appearance conflicts while being president of the United States, he should divest his assets first. Boo-hoo to the prospect of losing money on such a deal. If one chooses to believe him, Trump would still have more than enough for anyone. Congress should be drafting a bill of impeachment now.

Congressman John Lewis, a true hero of the Civil Rights Movement, has been unafraid to call Trump’s pending presidency “illegitimate.” I agree. Everyone troubled by the accession to our nation’s leadership by the inarticulate, lying, narcissistic bully Trump should join the massive protests. However, of you happen to miss these, be assured that there will be plenty of future opportunities to express your outrage.

Mike Apgar

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