LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No need to feel sorry for James Comey

I have no sympathy at all for James Comey, who was subsequently fired in May by Trump.

Was anyone really surprised? I wasn’t surprised and couldn’t care less. My main point of this article is to illustrate that the American people should know by now that Donald Trump cannot be trusted.

Comey claims that he was being fair and loyal to his country. However, I believe he was more loyal to the Republican Party during the election. Case in point: He knew as early as May of last year that the Trump campaign was under investigation for alleged ties with Russia. Six months before Election Day and he said nothing to the American people?

Then when the email issue was supposedly closed for good, he lets the cat out of the bag about more emails. Ten days before Election Day? Really?

The only time Comey said anything about Trump’s ties to Russia was in March of 2017. Four months after
Election Day and two months after Trump has been in office! If Comey was trying to be neutral in the beginning, then why didn’t he say something about the Trump investigation before the election? He had no problem saying something about the Clinton emails 10 days before the election though. There’s something wrong with this math to me!

Then when the heat was being put on Trump and once Trump knew that Comey wasn’t going to be loyal to him, he fired him. I’m supposed to be all starry-eyed for James Comey? He was putting his party first when he chose not to say anything about Russia to the American people until way after the election was long over! James Comey got exactly what he deserved!

Trump wants loyalty but he will not give loyalty back. He turns on everyone who’s close to him. He will throw anyone under the bus to either save himself or to make himself look good. He’s thrown Spicer under the bus. He’s thrown Gen. Mattis under the bus. Now he’s throwing attorney general Jeff Session’s under the bus. How many more people in his administration will he turn on or throw under the bus before the majority of the American people realize that this man cannot be trusted?

Being close with Donald Trump is just like being in a room with a snake. As long as the lights are on, you can watch the snake and see everything the snake is doing. But when the lights go out, then you’re in trouble because now you don’t know where the snake is or what the snake is going to do!

This administration is sliding down a razor blade and landing in an alcohol river right now! It is in such disarray right now. They know that they cannot trust this man to lead this country. Hopefully, the majority of the Republican Congress will realize that Trump is more of a liability to America. Especially the ones who are still putting party ahead of country.

He doesn’t value anyone’s opinion. He does not listen to anyone. He is a bull in a China shop who cannot be trusted! As Americans, let’s just hope and pray that the lights never go out.

Francis A Bethel III

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