LETTER TO THE EDITOR: One big dysfunctional family in the U.S. Senate

The latest Repeal and Replace ACA bill has been dealt a final four nails hammered into the Obamacare coffin thanks to the fabulous four Republican participants of no-courage:

1.) Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain projected his “No” vote. His reasoning is based on the thought that he would have preferred to have a debate on the process involving both sides of the aisle. Has John’s memory failed and forgotten that the existing ACA was established in the middle of the night backdoor dealings by the Democratic leadership of Nevada Democratic Sen. “Dirty” Harry Reid with California Democratic House Majority Leader “Smilin” Nancy Pelosi with no involvement by any Republican representative.

Quite candidly, John you may have second thoughts on your “No” vote response to the R&R ACA in the final analysis.

2,) With Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s “No” vote she has no doubt misremembered that Alaskan residents now with the ACA are experiencing insurance premium increases over 200 percent. This fact must have slipped her mind.

3.) Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins, who would say “No” to Santa Claus should be focused on the massive opioid addiction that has been attacking her state with Obamacare offering no effective contribution to resolve the problem.

4.) Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul would like to reside in a perfect world is also foreseen as a “No” vote for the R&R ACA.

The problem with the “perfect” concept is that we don’t have many “perfect” people involved in that process. He and the aforementioned three may have labeled themselves as the four Republicans who saved the existing comatose Obamacare! What do they plan to do when the sacred ACA self-destructs and implodes all on its own after the few existing ACA exchanges issue their maximum insurance premiums skyrocketing to limits no ACA insured can possibly accept or afford?

Have they truly thought what their explanations will be at that painful time? Of course, politicians don’t always think of the future failure aftermath of this health care miscarriage of justice.

Yes, the Republicans and Democrats are quite comfortably complaisant living jointly in their beloved swamp. They enjoy their very lucrative swamp. It has offered them so very much for which they are eternally grateful.

They will continue to maintain this ill-gotten status as long as their wily ways will prevail. The “outsider” president will have a very difficult task to dislodge these swamp creatures. He will continue to dispose of their very comfortable habitat in hell contrary to their determined efforts.

America’s welfare, security and growth will suffer the consequences by their manifested inaction. In spite of their unholy efforts, President Trump has initiated and succeeded with substantial major employment growth, corporations returning to American shores and border security achievements by working with the border patrols and those who are in the security trenches providing correct solutions in shutting down illegal immigration and the drug trafficking industry polluting our country.

President Trump has now surrounded himself with wise, strong leaders at all levels of his administration.

We now have the White House Chief of Staff – Marine Corps four-star Gen. John Kelly who is righting the Trump ship by solid enforcement ensuring the correct staff members are in place. We can also feel secure in the choice for Defense Secretary director, Marine Corps Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis who has been a leader of military distinction and continues those effective efforts in his new position.

President Trump shows real leadership that strongly relates to hard-working, middle-class Americans. They recognize he will guide us in the right direction after we have survived the floundering eight years of the Obama administration’s erroneous path to American mediocrity. Politicians cannot understand his connection to the common man/woman.

How does a billionaire make this work? His frank, brash, abrasive language is not the long-term political rhetoric but language the American public understands. For America’s complete future to succeed Congress must change their wayward ways. Stop living La Vida Loca and contribute to America’s prosperity and growth.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan


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