LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Is Paris burning?

The misguided Europeans, self-benefiting China and American political elitists vigorously foment their views by voicing the forthcoming evils that will transpire with the United States’ exit from the existing, though erroneously lauded, Paris Climate Agreement.

They do not consider all the elements involved that determined President Trump’s decision to depart the non-beneficial agreement now afforded to America. They have disregarded the fact that President Trump has left the door open for renegotiating a new, improved Climate Change Agreement without all the downsides America has experienced in the PCA.

Equality in fair-share payment must be a critical issue. America has been carrying the monetary heavy load while the other PCA participants enjoy America’s contribution. Still, the declared attacks upon the president continue to flourish and reject his ideas for a better climate change program.

No, Nancy Pelosi, we will not all breathlessly die in America by abandoning this ill-fated, multi-flawed treaty that has had no positive rewards for America. Another dissenting voice has been expressed by ex-Vice President Al Gore, who believes American children will develop and suffer from asthma by America’s absence in the PCA. Isn’t this the same Al Gore who proclaimed he invented the internet? You are wrong again, Big Al. It is also rather intriguing that climate change agendas have made Al Gore a very wealthy man.

The ill-advised Europeans, advantage-intent-seeking China and American political elitists like the PCA just the way it is. With the absence of the United States, China has expressed a desire to be the “new” leader of the PCA. China should be focused on improving their own country’s environment prior to directing the world on achieving an effective climate change program!

President Trump is keeping to his vow to put America first. To achieve this goal, he must combat the governmental American political elites who enjoy their antiquated process of the status quo. Change will not be easily attained when governed by their SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). Old habits die hard! A fresh approach is required in Washington, D.C.’s, hallowed halls.

America wants positive climate protection everywhere. However, the United States must not be depicted as the detractor and destroyer of the climate evolution. A fair renegotiation of the current Paris Climate Accord is demanded by bringing all parties involved to the environmental table, mediating in good faith. Add this to the American wish list!

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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