LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People’s Place issues urgent call to action

People’s Place has been helping people find their path to growth and independence for over 40 years through the 10 programs and services we provide in Delaware.

We are a statewide agency providing mental health counseling, emergency services, hot lines, domestic violence shelters, case management, mediation, family visitation centers, youth services, veterans’ services, and temporary and transitional housing. Individuals and families receive life sustaining services and we are a vital resource for the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Along with many other Delaware nonprofits, we are deeply concerned about the state of Delaware proposed budget cuts for FY2018.

Last year, People’s Place provided services to over 8,000 Delawareans and anticipates serving an even larger number next year. We are honored to state that our organization is the human services provider of choice in Kent and Sussex counties and an Independent Living program in New Castle County. We work diligently to diversify our funds through grants, individual contributions and fundraising to help with the rising costs of maintaining our 24-hour facilities, supplement operating costs, deficits, and transportation costs to medical appointments for veterans, but we greatly depend on state and federal partnerships to provide these services.

People’s Place requests the community’s help today by contacting your legislators and letting them know how important our services are to Delawareans and requesting they preserve our funding. By finding alternative ways to generate revenue, they have the ability to not only impact our agency, but others that directly affect human life. Continuing partnerships will enable People’s Place to continue to efficiently and innovatively provide the high-quality services that our clients are familiar with.

Working together, we can ensure that Delaware individuals and families continue to receive the assistance they need to make positive changes in their lives, thus, find their individual path to growth and independence.

For more information about People’s Place, please visit our website at www.peoplesplace2.com or contact Kim Rigby at 422-8033, Ext. 198, or krigby@peoplesplace2.com.

Kim Rigby
Communications and Donor Relations manager, People’s Place

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