LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Polls can be deceptive

If one adheres to the recent NBC News’ and The Wall Street Journal’s polls, one could be depressed as to the current status of President Trump. His lowest positive ratings are quite troubling … according to them. Are these the same pollsters who emphatically endorsed the Countess of Chappaqua, N.Y., [whom they said] would assuredly become our 45th president?

If, however, one observes that President Trump’s “base” is still standing strong for our president, and if the election were held today (4/24/’17), he would win again and also achieve [a plurality or majority of] the popular vote, according to The Washington Post. Ninety-six percent approve and 2 percent disapprove. WP has never been a pro-Trump supporter, so, their ratings results are much more encouraging for America’s future.

President Trump has received high marks overall from everyone on his foreign policy, especially with his handling of Syria and North Korea. Both leaders of these vagrant nations are erratic in behavior patterns and irrelevant to pursue any peace incentive. President Trump has established America’s commitment by his pledge to protect America and our allies by the strength America is showing in all foreign policy actions. Our allies have reaffirmed their alliance with America, while our adversaries have become quite apprehensive to question America’s dedication to greatness.

The first time “the first 100 days” was stated occurred during the first term of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933. He was faced with the difficult task of solving all the problems created by the Great Depression. He succeeded quite well in delivering his promises to America. Job well done FDR. President Trump is determined to achieve the ideas he has strongly presented to America during his presidential campaign and ensuring that those convictions come to fruition.

The president has established an excellent cabinet [whose members] are extremely knowledgeable, intelligent individuals who are strong in building our country’s growth and prosperity. He has been able to achieve a complete Supreme Court that will be now able to determine America’s future. There may be more new [Supreme Court justices] in our foreseeable future.

His extremely positive relationship with China has enhanced our ability to pursue peace in the Asian environment. China has great influence for good on the North Korean tyrant ruling that dangerous country. America may increase sanctions on North Korea and keep them “in a box” to hamper their ability to achieve their evil intent.

The Trump Administration is strongly looking into the Iranian Treaty that was so heralded by the Obama Administration and was deeply reminiscent of the Munich Agreement signed by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Germany’s Führer, Adolf Hitler, who disregarded all portions of the worthless document. History only repeated itself, signed by our “then”-Secretary of State John Kerry.

While in office, he did enough damage to America to last many years. To salvage those detrimental years, our current Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has the backbone this position was in dire need of, [but] never exhibited by his predecessor. The positive change is becoming reality! We finally have an administration that will never tolerate the threats implied and motivated by adversarial nations.

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly Monahan

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