LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Put burden on Congress to keep new president in check

In response to David Pleasanton’s [letter] “Questions We Should Be Asking Hillary Clinton” [“Questions to ask Clinton,” Sept. 16], I wonder why, at this stage of our election process, we are still asking questions about her. Every conceivable question has already been asked, with multiple choice of answers. The same is true for Donald Trump.

While we must choose between two scary candidates, the question we should be asking ourselves is — which candidate do we know better, and can that person be controlled? Each of us is going to have to decide that on Election Day, no matter how many discrediting points are published between today and Nov. 8.

I am a registered Independent, not as a member of that party but because I have always wanted to choose for myself the best candidate to represent me, no matter what party affiliation he/she claims. This is one election which scares me enough to keep me awake at night, anxious for our country and our futures, individually and as a nation.

From the first, when most of us considered Trump’s bid for the White House a joke, through his growing popularity, I have grown increasingly fearful that his followers really do buy into his rhetoric.

Yes, he has promised to “Make America Great Again,” but can any of his believers actually pinpoint what he is going to improve? Apparently, his economic plans include revising the tax code — all 74,608 pages; lowering the corporate tax rate; lifting energy production restrictions (coal will be back in the mix); wiping out a few trade agreements; doing away with protective measures currently in force to guard our environment and the food we eat. All of this because he thinks there is too much regulation.

Let’s face it — not a one of us, individually or collectively, could establish needed change or enforce it without regulations being put in place. While he purports these changes will save money, knowledgeable critics say his economic policies could add as much as $10 trillion to our nation’s debt.

I do not have a Mayflower pedigree. Do you? Trump’s stand seems to be that anyone arriving on these shores after the Mayflower bumped into that rock in Massachusetts cannot be an American. Hey, even the American Indians came from another continent! Our roots, if traced back far enough, were put down in some distant land before our ancestors came to America.

So, what is our best defense? Perhaps we should concentrate on electing members of Congress who will either do our bidding or not get into office. I hear many of them are conflicted, too, so, perhaps we can get their ears turned to us, the ones who “hired” them.

We need to reinforce our checks and balances system to keep the president, whoever succeeds, on a reasonable course.

Just one thing — those of you who are on the ticket this election year — try to get your act together and really work for your country. We have all had enough of grandstanding, blocking — whatever; these actions have resulted in our present disappointment in our government. Just do your job!

Evelyn L. Pearson

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