LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Racism, sexism, classism, etc. in American society

Utopia … that perfection of society people seem to think is a real possibility. It isn’t. We aren’t living in Star Trek. People think and they have feelings. They interpret those thoughts and feelings as individuals because each person is a separate being. No matter how hard someone tries to make you think we are all equal it just isn’t true. We have equality as a people, but not as individuals.

I am not as strong as a biological man. Men cannot get pregnant and carry a child. You know; common sense. No amount of good thoughts on my part is going to make me beautiful. No amount of wishful thinking on the part of my best friend is going to make me gay. No amount of hope is going to let me win the lottery. No amount of trying is going to make beets taste good to me. Why? Because I am an individual and so are you.

Is there racism in the world? Oh yes, but it isn’t rampant in the USA. There are some individuals who are racist; but that is who they are. That is not who you are, right? Wrong. You see; it is normal to prefer our own kind because we are individuals who have our own preferences. We all tend to gather with our own. Does that make us hate the other kind of people in the world? Some do, some don’t. Because there are good and bad people in the world. Some hate; some don’t. Can we change the haters? No, maybe, possibly.

They are going to hate openly or hate behind closed doors. I personally would prefer they hate openly; it keeps them in sight and we know who they are in case we need to defend ourselves. I hope my behavior shows them a different way. Am I going to force my beliefs on them? No. Because they are individuals and have the right to believe as they do. And if they don’t try to force me into that belief I won’t have to defend myself. So I won’t try to force them either.

Is there sexism in the world? Yes. But it isn’t rampant in the USA. As long as there are two biological genders; there will be sexism. I say biological because I don’t want to get into an argument concerning how everyone in those biological genders see themselves. You do your thing as long as you don’t force your beliefs on me; because I am an individual too. Personally I don’t care how you dress or who you sleep with as long as it doesn’t involve children or animals. Neither can give consent so we have no right to abuse them. That is inviolable because we must protect the innocent if we are to remain a civilized society.

Though I have only stated two issues, being intelligent beings I believe you get my drift and won’t take offense at my brevity or simplification. People are different. INFINITELY different. It would be impossible to count up all the little foibles and beliefs everyone in the world can have. So, how do we get along? WOW! What a quandary!

It’s easy. Do the best that we can with the time we have. But don’t try to force anyone to believe your way. We should agree to disagree. I’ll be pleasant and polite until you force me defend myself or someone weaker. And until I’ve been forced to cross that line. I’ll agree to disagree. Because that is really what being an individual in a world full of individuals does. We try until we are forced to defend ourselves. What we have to do in the meantime is try not to cry wolf. Misunderstandings are not earth shattering. We are all individuals. And no matter how different our individuality, we are still in this world together. It’s not about you; it’s about us.

Lise’ Stinger

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