LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The real facts on Hillary Clinton

You tell me how someone like Hillary believes she is above the law. She, Billy Bob, Obama, and now, Loretta Lynch were all in on the lies. Hillary knew she was getting away with it. Her day will come. She, along with the others, will have to answer to a higher power. And the FBI’s James Comey is in on it, too.

He wasn’t even the one that was supposed to announce all of this about her. The gentleman from Seaford [“Why would anyone vote for Hillary Clinton?” Opinion page, July 25], I’m with you. She lies, she’s a thief and lord knows what else.

How do you commit so much crime and get away with it? Famous words: “I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to. I won’t do it again.” She was a lawyer and doesn’t know the law. They sound like about five years old. Just slap them on the hand and send home to momma.

Why would you vote for a habitual liar? She is not going to do anything for you or protect you. If she allowed the men in Benghazi, including our ambassador, to get killed, she will do nothing to protect you. Why would you want someone to be your president that is so deceitful, dishonest and the biggest liar of anyone? She only says things for your votes. She was Secretary of State and did nothing.

What could Chelsea say that is good about her mom and dad? “Well, my dad abused about five women while in the White House and looked straight into the camera and lied about it. Let me see, my mom lies about everything, had four men killed in Benghazi and did nothing, takes money from our enemies (again, hush money), ruined the lives of the women whom her husband had an affair with, but she is supposed to be for women who are abused. They were paid to keep quiet. They are something to be proud of.”

She wants to shut the coal mines down, leaving everyone without jobs, only to tell them she would make sure they had welfare money. What do these people see? They want to raise minimum wage to $15. Now, we have eight workers and have to lay off half because you can’t afford to pay them. It makes a lot of sense. It is nothing but a lot of false promises.

Gee, I wonder if she’ll get away with the Clinton Foundation, too. It wasn’t meant for her own personal use. Blood money from the enemy (Kuwait and many others) – people who don’t like gays, women, Jews and Christians. Oh, but Hillary pretends to like and is for all these people. She takes money from them.

It is so rigged, crooked and corrupt.

What happens when ISIS comes down our streets and starts killing our family? It will be on your hands, it is only a matter of time … she doesn’t have a lick of sense to do anything. She thinks the answer is to love them with open arms while they chop off our heads. They don’t love us, Hillary; they want to kill us.

Another topic: Black Lives Matter! You should listen to the black truthful leaders of this country (not Obama or Hillary).

Shouldn’t it be “all lives matter”? I finally saw it in the paper that they had a march in downtown Dover with signs saying ALL LIVES MATTER. [“Dover demonstrators say: ‘All lives matter,’” article, July 13] That is what we need.

The only thing Hillary and Obama do is keep the racial tensions going. It is never mentioned that far more whites are killed than blacks by police officers. They say nothing to get the vote. It is so obvious. They are liars and should be punished for rigging the system. Don’t you think we have enough going on with ISIS in our back yards? Shouldn’t we work together?

Hillary has had too many years to prove to the American people what she will do. She has done nothing, and that goes for Obama. Even his own brother is going to vote for Trump …

Concerned citizen,
Lottie Pase

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