LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Regulation 225 puts children’s safety first

I was shocked to see the Nov. 24 opinion piece by Michael Hurd, and his deliberate politicization and misinterpretation of the Regulation 225 relative to child safety in schools.

As a psychotherapist he should recognize that what this regulation tries to accomplish is to protect children whose home environment may not be conducive to allowing children with a psychological need not to be recognized as the gender on their birth certificate, to express that gender.

I am sure he is aware that the American Psychological Association, the leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United Sates, has said that a transgender individual can become aware of their identity at any age, including childhood. He should be aware that rejection by parents often leads to parental violence or emotional abuse towards transgender youth and leads to homelessness, and suicide. What Regulation 225 does is to protect a child from facing these awful choices.

Contrary to Dr. Hurd’s assertions the language of the resolution does not replace the parents but actually gives the school the responsibility to consider the health, safety and well-being of the child if the child does not feel ready or comfortable coming out to their parents. The regulation seeks to make sure that the safety, health and well-being of the student is protected.

It seeks to provide a safe environment for students in an all too volatile and toxic world. Surely the health and safety and well-being of the child should be considered before a school decides to out a transgender child against the child’s wishes and potentially place that child at a risk of physical or emotional harm or distress. That is simply common sense.

Dr. Hurd seems to think that this is an issue which is being pushed as a political issue by one Party over another, when it is in reality a proposed regulation which seeks to put children’s safety and mental health first.

Peter Schott
Rehoboth Beach

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