LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Republican Party created this monster

Where do I start? Donald Trump is a rich, arrogant, loudmouth, hothead, racist, and sexist bigot who has no business being president of the United States! Most of his own party doesn’t really want to back him up during this election. However, the Republican Party is now reaping what they’ve sown by creating this monster in the first place.

It all started during the last Republican convention of 2012 when he started questioning whether or not Obama was really an American. So from that point on, they allowed him to just say whatever he wanted to the media and the world. Now they are stuck with him and his non-policies.

Most of his policies don’t even represent the Republican Party and what they stand for. At least we knew what Nixon, Reagan, Bush, father and son, and Mitt Romney stood for. Even though we may not have agreed on all of their policies, one thing we can all agree on as Americans is that unlike Donald Trump, all these Republicans had character!

Donald Trump is not just a businessman. He’s a salesman. He’s the guy who’s always telling you, “I can get you a good deal,” “I can get you a better deal.” But the reality is that if he’s elected president, he’s not going to get you the good deal that you think you’re going to get! Why? Because he’s nothing more than a salesman with no deal in sight — only looking out for what he and the 1 percent of the wealthy will benefit from. He wants to have the power to stick it to all the systems that stuck it to him; that is it. Those who vote for him will be highly disappointed and will be in for a rude awakening if he is elected. Come to your senses now and tell him “NO DEAL” in November!

Why do he and the Republican Party keep talking about the emails? I’ll tell you why. Because they know deep down they can’t win the general election legit! Trump is all about anger and divisiveness, something this country hasn’t had in 50 years! He wants to put walls up instead of tearing them down. He has no respect for women. That is a fact! As for the email issue that came out today [July 27], for him to blatantly say that he hoped Russia, who is not really an ally of ours, has the 30,000 emails, do we really want this fool to be president of the United States?

He believes in only gaining for his benefit, and here’s a news flash … he stands for nothing that’s going to benefit the American people!

Like I said earlier, his own party really doesn’t like him, either. That says a whole lot about the Republican Party. Any time they had 16 of their best candidates run for nomination, and you mean to tell me that none of them could beat him? That is sorry! Now, they are stuck with that monster, and we as American people need to be concerned enough to get out and say NO in November. Donald Trump, if elected, will be not only a danger to our economy, our way of life, and our country … he will be a global danger, and that reality is scary!

The majority of the Republican Congress must feel bad. But that’s all right, because when Hillary Clinton defeats Donald Trump in November, it will not only be good for the Republican Party, who’s always had candidates with character — it will be even better for the whole country when he is defeated!

Francis A. Bethel III

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