LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Resurrect Delaware’s Republican leadership

Delaware, as are many other states, experiencing major financial difficulties.

The foreboding financial budgetary deficits of $360-plus million is looming large on the horizon. Delaware’s Democratic leadership administrations have for decades of mismanagement brought our state to this monetary level generated by their spend, spend, spend mindset with no positive consideration for refining, curtailing and/or cutting of their spendthrift expenditures. Delaware citizenry is now paying the price for these years of financial governmental failure.

As one unfortunate and most costly foreseeable example of poor judgment, Delaware has for many years had a strong position of being the best state for corporations to be incorporated.

This position is now in jeopardy by some of the so-called senatorial wizards who are waffling on maintaining this most viable Delaware asset. If Delaware loses its strong position of corporate incorporation, there are many other surrounding states who are champing at the bit to take advantage of this unforgivable action.

The incorporation contribution is nearly 30 percent of Delaware’s state budget. There is a bill, SB53, currently held up in committee, that may never see the light of day if we do not contact Sens. Poole and McBride to pass this critical bill SB53. To correct one more legislative misstep and stop a major Delaware loss to neighboring states who will add this major benefit to their coffers contact these senators. Don’t lose 30 percent of Delaware’s budget. Protect Delaware’s $1.4 billion incorporation industry. Our future is in jeopardy.

Kicking the can down the road has been the Democratic modus operandi. The conclusion to this mentality is that eventually one runs out of road resulting in an extremely financial catastrophe. Complete monetary collapse is realized.

The Dems have run this state concerned primarily with their own priorities. This disregard of alternative planning has brought us to the point of financial division downfall. Is it not time for a renewal of positive political governing revitalization wisdom?

When election/re-election time arrives in Delaware, Delawareans must make the decision of continuing this downward channeling of spiraling financial ruin and determine that enough is enough.

The Republican plans for fiscal stability will firmly reverse the inevitable economic crises. Republican leaders are ready, willing and most able to provide the strong, governing stabilizing effective programs that are destined to benefit all Delawareans. If left to the status quo, we are faced with the repetitive governmental misjudgment we now endure.

Change is good. Challenging but good! New sound ideas enabling prosperity is the Republican mantra. The current rancid state of financial affairs is a consumption of debt disaster. We cannot tolerate the most visible deterioration of our state’s future.

Renew Delaware’s opportunities and elect Republicans to a strong leadership role in Delaware’s governmental process.

May God Always Bless The United States of America!

Beverly Monahan

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