LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A rose by any other name

I’m not a big fan of karma, so, I suppose that I can only say that the appearance of Carol Hotte’s letter in the DSN [“Accusations,” March 23] was simply ironic and poorly timed – especially coming just hours after the House Intel [Committee] chairman reveals that intelligence agencies were conducting surveillance on the president-elect.

I see that the Democrats (more appropriately, “socialist progressives”) have continued to downplay facts and that their cohorts in mainstream media fail to report facts. Even when caught at it, they simply refuse to admit their errors. Ms. Hotte plays down my rebuttal [“Obama administration was scandal-free? Hardly,” Letters to the Editor, March 16] to her original letter [“Trump’s accusation,” March 11] by claiming that the points I made were simply “observations” and fell nothing to the scale of actual “scandals.” Her only argument after downplaying it was to invoke “the first 100 days” and attempt to discredit Mr. Trump’s original accusations.

Let’s be brutally honest here, which is quite uncommon today. Donald Trump was elected by American voters who saw the direction America was headed and didn’t like it. He made promises during his campaign that he would work to rectify those things, and though he has not been in office 100 days yet, he has worked steadily and tirelessly in honoring those pledges.

If one wants to hang their hat on trashing Obamacare, it would seem incumbent on them to lay the blame where it should be: on Congress. The fact that they’ve incessantly complained about how bad it was for over six years, they came into an era when they could actually do something about it, they failed badly. They seemed shocked that people expected them to have a plan ready to replace it with. Don’t try to lay the making of laws on the president. Perhaps a primer on the Constitution would be in order before assigning fault in that case.

Only a person with myopia could defend Obama’s tenure as being anything short of worse than that of Jimmy Carter. Still, the Democrats have been tireless in their condemnation. FBI director James Comey, the villain of all Democrats on election night, was quickly replaced by “Russian hackers,” and now becomes their knight in shining armor. They use terms like “Nazi,” “Hitler,” “fascism,” “misogynist,” “clown” and “liar” to the cheers of their radical socialists. They claim that there are “nationwide protests,” but when facts are shown, it’s by radical students from left-leaning universities, along with paid protestors using a woman who advocates Sharia law to lead the “Women’s Rights” demonstrations, which only embarrasses themselves with the hypocrisy.

I’d challenge anyone to show me where any of President Trump’s claims have been proven wrong. Ms. Hotte uses a lot of white space to downplay wiretapping, but fails to mention where the mainstream media got stories from “high ranking government officials who wish to remain anonymous” or that FISA warrants were issued to do just what she attempts to ridicule.

I’ve maintained for years that Khrushchev’s words of 1963 have long been the goal of the Democratic Party. He forecast that Communism would bury capitalism and America would be destroyed from within. Any history buff can explain that the means to socialism is to take over the vote, and when that fails, anarchy is the next step to dictatorship. Continued lies and media control are paramount in achieving this.

I would agree with Ms. Hotte’s last remark: President Trump is predictable. He’s a man of honor and has the stamina to ignore the enemies of the state who try to discredit him. May God help in in continuing this mission.

George Roof

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