LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Russia not the greatest threat to elections

There has been a narrative about Russian interference with the 2016 elections for over a year now. The interference is very likely since they have been meddling with our cyber security and elections for at least a decade, to which Obama has done little. But the Dems need to blame Trump for colluding to explain their surprising electoral loss.

The narrative includes a made-up Russian dossier on Trump under the guise of opposition research, paid for by the Clinton campaign. It made its way to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) as a basis for spying on Russian diplomats. Instead the dossier was used by the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) upper echelons as a backdoor to spy on, and unmask, Trump officials before and after his election.

Spying on, and unmasking Americans is illegal unless a crime is involved. The narrative was supposed to show the Russians helping Trump win and Trump colluding with the Russians, as well as Trump obstructing justice leading to the tainted Mueller Special Counsel investigation. There has been no evidence of any kind presented in the year since allegations of Trump’s collusion have surfaced.

But the greatest threat to our elections is not the Russians, a greater threat is the Chinese. They have infiltrated all our technology across all supply-lines and stolen many of our trade secrets; they have lots of money and are influencing individuals in our government; and they have also been interfering in our elections as well.

The greatest threat is not foreign, it is domestic; it is our own education system, media, liberal/progressive ideology from both parties, and the court system. Our media has taken on the responsibility of deciding whom we should elect, and who is not fit; voters be damned.

Leading the charge in education is the federal Department of Education and Common Core, which pushes the collecting of psychological data on our children, the belief in the junk science of global warming (control and sustainability), evolution (God and the Ten Commandments are dead), social justice (redistribution and race wars), an inclusive and welcoming world (all cultures are equal, countries with borders are selfish and racist), and truth is relative (we each have our own truth, facts, and statistics), just to mention a few problems. We are raising communists who despise their country and capitalism.

For the media, it is CNN and MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post, Hollywood, and lesser TV, magazine and newspaper outlets. These outlets rewrite history and lie by commission and omission about what is happening. They mock anything American, and spin, twist, and mangle truth.

Both parties are contaminated with these vermin, because We the People do not understand our Constitution, or how to vet these candidates when they seek office. Not much will change until we study and understand our Founding Documents, take responsibility for educating our children, and stop reading and watching waste and entertainment.

Finally, our courts and our schools are full of ideologists, which is unAmerican. The Supreme Court, and the Circuit Courts of Appeals are the most egregious with justices and judges from the left. And our schools and colleges are well-known to be heavily weighted by leftist teachers and professors.

Russia as a threat to our elections is a distraction. The real threat comes from within and we better focus on our real problems quickly.

Armand Carreau

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