LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Safer driving coming soon?

Our private vehicles today have so many new devices that it’s a wonder there isn’t a sensor of some type that would electronically prevent cell phone use while the vehicle was in motion. Sure, those who continue to phone, send and receive text messages while underway are going to complain and resist. The ACLU will be contacted to “protect rights”! We may see protesting in the streets!

Well, we should all be reminded that driving a car in the U.S. is a privilege, not a right. We all know the laws and penalties/fines against using cell phones while driving are having little effect. So, once again, the government will have to take action … eventually. This can’t be a new idea, and this writer feels certain we’ll see such a feature in cars someday. Maybe soon.

One has to wonder [about] those super-important people amongst us (the ones who feel they’re above the law) that just have to make or receive that call or text while driving: how are they going to survive?

William B. King


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