LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Schumer surrendered in shutdown

All Americans were greatly relieved when the Democrats at last came to their senses and threw in the towel, discontinuing the ongoing, relentless effort to pressure the Republicans to include their DACA requests to be the dominant issue they demanded to pass the CR that would relieve our nation of a governmental shutdown.

They were most emphatic that it would be their way or the highway. The entire government would be at their mercy until they achieved their goals. Wrong move, Chucky and Nancy. No pay for our military (that was much needed for America’s security), no pay for first responders, other critical personnel and non-essential federal workers. Unfortunate that Congress wasn’t included in the no-pay actions. That alone might have had a faster resolution to the situation.

Americans soon realized that although DACA is a critical problem that requires a positive resolution, America’s entire government funding was more important than that one issue.

To listen to Sen. Schumer constantly beating the drum for No DACA, No Government Funding. They beat that drum until many Americans viewed these actions as an anti-American fast path to oblivion, except the far-left arm of the Democrats, who pressured their soulmates to continue the winless battle Chuck and Nancy faithfully attempted to adhere to the far-left’s directives, but as time progressed, they realized that these efforts were fast becoming anti-Democratic drama.

All of America would be the victims due to their sole DACA quest. Hence, the Democratic leadership relented after three days of government shutdown, Chuck ventured forth, hat in hand, and relinquished his demands for the DACA immediate action finale with an agreement between the Republican and Democratic leadership to address DACA after the latest government funding expired on Feb. 8, 2018.

A new beginning for hope flickered for a short time. Schumer even threw in an unexpected approval for the border wall. How desperate was Chuck giving everyone such a hopeful horizon? We may never know now. Seems as though in the last few days, Schumer has relinquished his approval of a “wall”. Looks like Deja Vu all over again.

The lefties have strong-armed Schumer again. He does have his priorities and his lefties are a powerful force that the Dems must listen to or else. Schumer should be more careful with whom his friends are to achieve Democratic goals.

Since we took that deep breath attributed to the anticipated forthcoming “new day” of cooperation when the political wizards would actually begin working together to benefit all Americans, our hopes have been dashed. Old habits die hard.

The swamp dwellers are quite reluctant to exit their wasteland. Who suffers the most by their ineffective actions and ongoing negative recriminations focused on each other? In a word, America.

To end their inability to function cohesively, we must put our own pressure on our political leadership strongly emphasizing to our state representatives in the senate and house that the time for their fun and games is over. We will not tolerate inaction in the future. Get down to work and solve America’s problems.

If they are not the solution they are part of the problem. They must address and solve the problems America is facing. With compromise on both sides of the aisle, justice will be attained. America is far more important than their self-absorbed individual superiority foibles that has achieved absolutely nothing beneficial to Americans. The times they should be a ‘changing!

May God Always bless The United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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