LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘You shall know them by their fruits …’

Now that the “Russians are coming” fiasco has fizzled, the current Progressive “cause celebre” appears to be the removal of all traces of the Confederacy in our history.

How tragic and, make no mistake, it will lead to great harm to the Republic. While our past history of slavery is shameful, it is almost never noted that America is the only country that ever fought a war to end it with the loss of more lives than in World War I.

The Civil War was not just any war and slavery was not the only issue. There was the little matter of economics — the industrial North with its cotton mills and manufacturing moguls, and the agricultural South whose products were in great demand. There was also the view of most citizens in 1860 that they were citizens first of the state in which they resided. You know, the matter of “sovereign states” loosely grouped together in a Republic?

That war pitted brother against brother, father against son and the South (both white and black citizens) suffered terribly. The North, not so much. Since much of our history is either ignored or revised, it is helpful to know that many free blacks were also slave holders and some free blacks fought on the side of the Confederacy.

The bitterness was so pervasive following the war and the destruction of the economy in the South so complete, that President Lincoln and others tried to heal the wounds and reunify the Republic.

If Lincoln had lived, perhaps the story would be different but after his death the South was flooded by people from the North wanting to fill the void in government as well as fill their own pockets. The statues of Confederate soldiers and leaders in almost every town in the South were mostly erected in the 19th century to help heal the divide and honor those who died. I don’t know of anyone who ever thought those statues and monuments honored slavery. I saw them in every hamlet in 1943.

The rioting that occurred in Charlottesville, Va., is a disgrace and, if traced back to its beginning, much of the responsibility can be laid at the feet of the University of Virginia, the Democrat mayor of Charlottesville and the Democrat governor of Virginia. While my understanding may be faulty, I was under the impression that the original rally was to be in opposition to the removal of a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee. I honestly don’t know how or why it became a despicable KKK, neo-Nazi, skin-head group but it evidently did.

I also understood that this group was given a permit to rally and that it was a relatively small group. Our Constitution guarantees the right to “peaceable assembly” it does not give license to riot. Does any reasonably intelligent person think that a public well advertised assembly of Klansman and various Nazi sympathizers will be “peaceable?” Given that obvious conclusion, why were they given a permit?

At the same time another loose collection of groups under something called Antifa, were gathering together, without a permit, to “counter protest.” Is a “counter protest” a peaceable assembly or an excuse to riot? Talk about pouring gasoline on a fire! Why were these two groups not removed? Why were they allowed to get so close together? Why were “counter protesters” bused in from other states? Why did the police stand by and let it escalate?

I had never heard of “Antifa” so I dutifully looked it up. It appears to mean “anti-fascist” (a misnomer if there ever was one) and is an umbrella organization with no obvious leadership, no members, and no funds and seems to cover a very long collection of George Soros-funded Progressive organizations and others.

A brief review of their web site and Facebook pages indicates that wherever they go, violence occurs. If Antifa has no membership, money or leadership who is funding the several web sites and Facebook pages? Some of the “counter protesters” appeared in black ninja outfits and face masks armed with baseball bats or wood clubs with nails. Anyone think this is “peaceful protest” or a “peaceable assembly?”

These are thje same folks who burn flags, smash windows, overturn cars, vandalize businesses, terrorize bystanders, spit at police, refuse to disburse, throw soda cans filled with concrete at every opportunity and they call it “peaceful protest!” The same folks who “protest” anyone on college campuses by outshouting those who wish to speak or engage in respectful dialog. The same folks that miraculously showed up by the thousands in Boston to “protest” a free speech rally that had a legal permit.

I have long thought that there is a “fifth column” operating in present day America. There is someone or something behind the scenes “organizing” but at the same time remains hidden. Thousands of people spoiling for a fight simply don’t show up out of nowhere. Furthermore, while “counter protesters” are quick to throw around the epithets of fascist, Nazi, Hitler and other similar words, particularly at conservatives, I’d wager that not one in a thousand can give a coherent definition of fascism.

Fascism, Communism and Socialism are all branches of the same tree. A tree whose roots reach down into antiquity and to the teachings of Machiavelli, Robespierre, Hegel, Marx and in our time, Alinsky. They all propose a Utopian society based on strong centralized government to control populations.

Fascism colludes with industry whereas Communism and Socialism focus on a collective society where everyone is supposed to share equally — an impossibility given human nature. All the major proponents of these ideas visualize a godless society in which the state becomes the god. This has always led to dictatorship and oppression.

I am old enough to have seen the face of Fascism and Communism. I am, perhaps, one of the few now living that clearly remember hearing Hitler’s speeches live on radio about the time of the invasion of Poland. Scared me witless. I remember seeing the book burnings, the jack-booted brown-shirts and the vandalism as the Nazis ascended to power though “March of Time” newsreels.

I remember the photographs of Kristalnacht, the “Night of Breaking Glass.” I heard the stories firsthand from those who experienced the holocaust, as well as the horror of Stalin’s brutality. What I see from Antifa and its multitude of offshoots looks frighteningly similar.

Who is it that hides their faces, smashes windows, stops traffic, overturns cars, vandalizes businesses, burns flags, books and buildings, defaces monuments, refuses to allow any dissent, shouts down all those who disagree, and tries to erase history or dissemble it and call themselves “peace activists?”

America’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution are unique in all of human history. While this country’s system of liberty and law is mostly based on biblical principals, the Founders (while far from perfect) knew human nature and designed a Constitution that would limit government control. We do not have a political problem, we have a spiritual problem and it will either be corrected or, I fear, the country as we have known it will be destroyed.

Mr. Obama once declared he was going to transform America. We are well on our way. The Bible tells us that we can identify falsehood, liars and deceivers by looking at the results. “You shall know them by their fruits …”

What has been the fruit of either the KKK and their followers, or Antifa and their many sister organizations? Examine the results that occur from every group, political party or politician. Do the results of their action produce good or evil? You shall know them by their fruits.

Allow me to end with a quote from Massachusetts U.S. Senator, Henry Cabot Lodge in 1919, shortly after Communism found a home in Russia. “The United States is the World’s Best Hope … Beware how you trifle with your marvelous inheritance … for if we stumble and fall, freedom and civilization everywhere will go down in ruin.”

Marjorie C. Davis

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