LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sorting through the political morass of DACA

President Obama created a mess when he knowingly violated (how many times did he say he couldn’t do it?) the Constitution by signing the DACA executive order.

To further complicate the issue, he directed that taxpayer dollars be used to fund the education of DACA students at selected schools across the country. We have these students at DSU.

When Sen. Carper met with these students, why wasn’t he pushing for their attendance at UD?

While one must address this issue with compassion, the reality of the situation is that these students are illegal aliens. Unfortunately, they are pawns of the Washington swamp. Obama took a major congressional failure, addressing illegal immigration, and made it an emotional issue by using the children of illegal aliens.

Adding emotion negated Congresses’ failure and redirected the discussion to the American public. The left and our political elite quickly interjected their analysis, and unless you totally agreed with their take, are branded as heartless. Once again, the Washington swamp took a failure on their part and transferred it to the American public by saying “How could you deny these children any help?”

Let’s take emotion out of the argument and discuss cold, hard facts.

First and foremost, these children are illegal aliens. You can give them any moniker you want, but the bottom line is that they are illegal. Where are their citizenship documents or visas?

Fact: those documents don’t exist. These students are at DSU on the American taxpayer thanks to the second part of Obama’s executive order. Why aren’t these kids attending UD, Villanova or the University of Maryland? They are turned away from these institutions because they can’t meet the admission requirements for non-U.S. citizens.

Where is the cry that our institutions of higher learning are discriminating against these students? We can be very selective when we use the word “discrimination”. Most, if not all of the students at DSU will likely graduate; however, there is a catch. How do they fill out the I-9 form when they seek full-time employment after graduation? They can’t. So, what do they do with their taxpayer-funded education?

These kids didn’t do anything wrong and I truly feel sorry for them. But to use them as pawns by our political elite is criminal. We are a nation of laws, and to ignore them is the beginning of the end of our great nation. So, how do we (our political elite never will) solve the problem?

I would propose modifying the Green card (permanent resident) process. That card allows you to live and work permanently in the United States. With proper modification, it could solve the I-9 dilemma, and potentially allow these students to one day apply for U.S. citizenship.

If anyone out there has a better idea, let’s hear it, because our politicians are never going to solve this problem, and it’s only going to get worse.

Frank Daniels
Col. (Ret), USAR

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