LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Speeding problem in East Lake Gardens

I live in East Lake Gardens. We have a big problem with speed on our streets. I have been asking for something to be done about drivers running stop signs and speeding.

The police department has been helping somewhat. When people complain, things get done.

When the city blocks off East Loockerman Street, this was and is a big inconvenience to all of the residents in the city to satisfy a couple of people. This was done to keep the traffic down and only can go one way.

Then a light speed sign went up and farther down the street a stop sign was also placed. People on North State Street complained about the speed so the city reduced the speed from 35 to 25 mph with two light speed signs.

I have been asking for speed bumps and the city keeps saying that in the city charter, speed bumps are not allowed. Wherever you go, speed bumps are there. The city keeps saying because of the emergence vehicles. It’s all because the city doesn’t like changes.

We have people walking day and night and children playing in the development. We don’t have a park like most developments but we pay as much taxes as other developments.

We need something done ASAP. It seems the city is always doing things for the people downtown. It’s time something is done in other parts of the city.

Tom Ciampa


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