LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxes should be linked to government performance

Much has already been said in this forum about “Uncle Jack’s” proposed tax on our vehicles and the way we drive. This wonderful idea comes to us from the liberal/progressive coast of Oregon.

Perhaps, our fearless leaders should think about their fiduciary responsibility to “We The People” before considering another way of taxing us to death! Like, how about being responsible with the funds they already receive from “We The People”? Example, what happened to the contractor who failed miserably during construction of the Indian River Inlet Bridge approaches? Remember that? Were “We The People” made whole with the funds that were lost during that debacle?

Ever watch all the DelDOT vehicles sitting around during a snowstorm, waiting? Waiting for what? Waiting on “We The People’s” funds to be delivered to them.

Ever seen four chiefs and one Indian working on a project along one of our highways? Who is paying for that?

I know there is no money. Does everyone recall the fact that tolls have been raised on weekends on Del. Route 1, for example, from $1 to $3 per toll plaza? I know, the stream of cars we see every weekend is not generating revenue for this state. Or, does everyone realize that our annual car registration fees have been doubled under this administration from $20 to $40? Remember the rise in our state income tax rate, remember that? It was supposed to be temporary …

Yes, all these presents were given to us by Gov. Jack Markell. Now he wants more of our money. I know, we have 100 [-percent] employment and can easily afford this.

What has this leadership team [done] to bring more employment to Delaware? I know, we lost both Chrysler and GM car plants, DuPont is now becoming Dow Chemical and some parts of the company will stay here, while the rest leaves. Our leaders poured money into a failed electric-car plant. These are just some of the success stories that we can report on.

Let’s talk about performance of our state. How many times have we all played the “hurry up and wait game” when having to use a state/federal government service office? Does anyone ever measure efficiency or effectiveness of these programs or service agencies? The resounding answer would be an emphatic — NO! But we are all asked to pay more and more while receiving less and less service.

How many non-government jobs (real jobs) does it take to pay for one government job? Ever consider that? Many of us have to work in order to pay for one state employee. Do those employees realize this when we see them taking our money and not performing? The way funds and benefits are lavished upon them via their unions and so forth makes “We The People” wonder if anyone has a clue as to how this system was supposed to work. As has been the typical response of this administration both here in Delaware and Washington, D.C., just throw money at it. That fixes everything!

Well, it doesn’t. You just dig us further into debt as a nation/state. We cannot afford your lavish plans, Governor! It is time to get your house in order and make this state run like a business. Productivity counts! Efficiency and effectiveness count! You and your team are in the business of serving “We The People,” and we demand service and accountability of our money! Before demanding more money from us, how about we demand more performance from you and your administration!

Robert Melchionda

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