LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time to resolve dispute between WBOC, Verizon

Many of us living in the Millsboro area have tried to call Verizon FIOS after WBOC updated on Oct. 9. Few of us actually talked to anyone after 100 minutes plus is holding to speak to customer service at Verizon. Personally I was using three different phones and finally got through after 133 minutes.

I was told to contact WBOC, I asked what good that would do when it was FIOS that would not meet with WBOC to work the contract out? I was then offered a $5 credit on my bill for not getting my local weather, news and sports.

I explained I dropped Direct TV and joined Verizon FIOS because at the time Direct TV did not have local news and weather.

When I took a two-year agreement I was told I would get local weather, news and sports and Verizon FIOS is not supplying these as they promised in their contract. So FIOS customer service then told me if that’s what you want, go buy an antenna. I said if I wanted an antenna I would have already bought an antenna and in that case I would not need your cable company and neither would the other 18,000 to 20,000 viewers.

Many of us in Sussex County depend on channels like WBOC, CBS, FOX. Many of the series shows are coming back on from last year and we cannot view them.

We know 20,000 customers isn’t a lot to Verizon FIOS but I think if we all dropped them due to this, it may make a slight dent in their $27 million profit from last year.

Verizon FIOS couldn’t care less about us or WBOC. I personally have been with them about 14 years. I have enjoyed for the most part all of the services they have provided and were pleased to get disputes handled fairly and efficiently.

We in Sussex County any other areas this has affected are asking you to put a stop to this.

Please, Verizon FIOS, set up a meeting with WBOC. Get this contract matter resolved! Let us once again enjoy our local news, weather and sports.


Donnie and Patti Blythe

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