LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump budget proposal is a scam

Your headline “Trump keeps campaign pledges with $4.1T budget” (May 24) was deplorable. If you were suggesting, despite its controversial cuts, that the budget would eliminate the federal deficit (at the end of 10 years, as claimed), you fail at simple arithmetic.

Even assuming that the economy were to grow more than reputable economists concede, there is no accounting for deficits resulting from reduced revenue. It’s a scam, plain and simple.

Trump’s budget proposes a huge transfer of wealth from the lower and middle classes to the wealthy. (They must be having trouble paying the increased fees and costs at Trump’s resorts.) While reducing taxes on businesses could stimulate job growth, giving more money to rich people will not.

If the idea is to stimulate the economy, give the money to people who will spend it all on goods and services! Speaking of jobs, there is scant (or negative) commitment to improving infrastructure.

The budget takes money from Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security (contrary to Trump’s campaign pledges). It takes a meat axe to programs for children, women, science and medical research (including fighting scourges including cancer, diabetes and outbreaks of epidemics). Needed investments in the environment, public lands and climate change are slashed.

America would be dirtier, dumber and even more unequal under Trump’s budget. Maybe Trump did promise to do that (despite his “Make America Great Again” rhetoric). If this is what your headline was intended to imply, please say so.

Mike Apgar

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