LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump is turning America around

Today, I read with great dismay the comments of Doris Draper of Houston. (Feb. 7). She states that our president has set this country back 100 years. I find great fault with her arguments.

First up, Donald Trump, narcissistic? I think you only need to look at the previous administration for a perfect example of that trait — Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. Obama had the same traits that she opines for Mr. Trump.

She states that veterans are belittled. Well, I am a veteran, I served 22 years. I do not feel belittled by the man, but rather am impressed by him always praising our men and women in uniform for their achievements and their sacrifices.

She continues on saying that our allies have been alienated. Well, I don’t see that. I see a man putting “America First” for a change and not on a world apology tour. Sorry if you don’t like someone telling it like it is without all the fluff and PC verbiage.

Ms. Draper tells us he has bankrupted the Secret Service. Please explain to me how our chief executive “bankrupted” the Secret Service. Did he somehow unilaterally de-fund the Secret Service? I think not. Sounds like some liberal “fake news” to me.

China is the great power in the Pacific according to her. Yes, we share the Pacific Ocean with them if you missed your geography lessons in school. China is the largest nation on the west side of the Pacific Ocean. Well, you are correct. It is a large nation but the biggest power in the Pacific? I think not. I guess you have now relegated the United States to second place. Based on what criteria I might ask. Bigger based on population – yes. But beyond that?

As for taxes, your previous administration had no problem raising them. They knew how to spend your money better than you obviously. So far we have seen as a direct result of the GOP tax plan, a multitude of families receiving a $1,000 bonus from their employers due to the passage of this bill.

In addition, the planned return of over 2 trillion dollars to our economy that was parked overseas as a result of the highest corporate taxes in the world. Corporations now look to enlarging their businesses and hiring more employees and returning work to this country. As a direct result of the passage of this bill, we will see more revenue pour into the Treasury as more and more Americans move from the unemployment line to the new hire employee line.

Making Americans independent instead of dependent is the goal here! Employed Americans pay taxes, unemployed Americans do not.

As for immigration, this system has been broke for a long time. My grandparents came here through Ellis Island. They came through the front door as an electrical engineer, master tool and die maker, a seamstress and a chef. They posted bonds and paid to come here. No, they did not swim across the Atlantic Ocean and enter our country illegally.

The bottom line here, you are either legally here or not, just that plain, just that simple. If you came here illegally you should not be here, nor should you be entitled to our benefits as non-citizens of this country. Nor, should we be expected to pay for you. If I traveled to their country I would expect the same — no benefits, no rights, no nothing.

In closing, the liberal progressives believe their fake news and all the spin they can devour. Funny, now that the truth is out regarding how Hillary was trying to manipulate the election, no one on the left is crying foul. A false/phony dossier was used to gain political advantage in the election by subverting the FISA Court judge. No one on the left wants to talk about this.

In addition, James Comey and Loretta Lynch knew the documents were phony, but they used additional false media to support their petition to the FISA Court. I don’t see anyone on the left calling them out.

Finally, when four Americans were brutally killed in Libya your presidential candidate said “Get over it!” I will not get over the loss of American life like that. Nor will I get over the fact that she had gross dereliction of duty as Secretary of State in handling classified material. Or that she gave away uranium assets of the United States to Russia. She should be in prison for her treason and never had been a presidential candidate.

Thank God we now have a president willing to put America finally first and make good on his promises as well as show the incestuous relationship between the left and the media in controlling the hearts and minds of so many ill-informed Americans who cannot do any research for themselves or who choose to ignore the facts of what has happened on their side of the aisle.

Robert Melchionda

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