LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump’s election was a ‘sad day for our country’

Everyone who did not vote for Donald Trump on (Election Day) was disenfranchised; our votes meant nothing. Due to an arcane and ridiculous system, the voice of the majority was not heard. In a democracy, the person who gets the most votes wins, period. It is long past time to ditch the Electoral College. Any such set-up that can create massive discord twice within the short span of 16 years is seriously flawed. In both cases, the loser became the winner. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!”

I’m here to shout out loud and clear — Donald Trump is not now, nor will he ever be, my president! The American presidency reached its nadir on (that) Tuesday. Never in our history has such a crass individual led a national party in an election. What a sad day for our country when character, decency and morality count for nothing. The Declaration of Independence states that the power to govern comes from the consent of the governed. I do not give my consent to a Trump government. And don’t any of you Trump supporters try and play the “sore loser” card with me; you were all-too-ready to question the election if Secretary Clinton had been declared the winner.

My position comes not from a position of party or politics. Instead, it comes from a position of simple decency and humanity. As a citizen, I have a right to expect my elected representatives to adhere to at least a very basic standard of behavior and conduct. Donald Trump doesn’t even come close to any such standard.

A man who sexually assaults women, makes fun of the handicapped, demeans a Gold Star family, and incites hate and aggression among his followers is not, in the world I live in, a decent human being. I was not a fan of Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush, but I never questioned their basic humanity and common decency. In my book, being a decent human being trumps (pun entirely intended) being a good citizen any day. It’s time for people across our country to stand up and declare ourselves in favor of honesty and decency from our elected officials. You will get neither from Trump.

Charles Mast

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