LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump’s first 100 days have been a bumpy ride

Why would people be upset with Donald Trump as president, based on his first 100 days in office? It might be that he lies, he is a hypocrite and that he demonstrated no core beliefs except to seek approval from his loyal fans and to enrich himself while in office. It is amazing that his poll numbers are not even worse than they are. He ridicules congressional leaders and disparages those who voted against him, and seems surprised that they don’t want to cooperate with him.

Trump’s crazy boasts to rip up NAFTA and the Iran Nuclear Treaty have run up against reality. His uninformed promise to abandon the Paris Climate Agreement has, so far, been more hot air. It is impossible for a president to simply cancel these deals. Understanding what they do and why swimming against the rest of the world would damage U.S. credibility may be dawning, although don’t expect him to admit so or stop making absurd comments about them.

Trump’s refusals to reveal his sources of income and to separate himself from his widespread, international business interests have raised concerns about conflicts of interest. His tax proposal would further benefit himself and his heirs by dramatically reducing rates for the highest-income individuals.

He would eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax and the Estate Tax. His health plan proposed doing away with the Obamacare tax on the wealthiest individuals, which supports health insurance subsidies for low-income workers and to shore up funding for Medicare.

Trump remains a dangerous, undisciplined, rash, [man with a] lack of knowledge and has demonstrated little understanding or appreciation of history about major issues on which he has to make decisions. Who knew that health care could be so complicated?! Who knew that the conditions on the Korean Peninsula or in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria were so multifaceted?! Who knew that defeating ISIS would take at least many years and couldn’t be done by military means alone?

Trump has insulted America’s allies and avoided tough talk towards Vladimir Putin. He has continued his mantra that America is being taken advantage of by the rest of the world. He has recently demanded that South Korea pay for the THAAD missile defense system, now being deployed in their country (without their approval).

He has stated (incorrectly) that our European allies “owe money” to NATO and called NATO obsolete. At least, he has been led to admit that NATO is “now not obsolete.” When will he confess that Mexico isn’t going to pay for his stupid border wall … and stop asking Congress to give him our money to build it?

Yes, Trump continues to be Trump. He is egotistical, yet paradoxically, craves approval. For hours, he watches TV and talks to his old friends on the phone. His work day typically runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. He has spent much of his time playing golf and staying at his expensive resorts (costing taxpayers millions for security). At least, he offered to donate his $400,000 annual salary to charity. Some bargain!

Could it be that Trump’s historically low approval ratings are way off base or that he deserves better? Has he demonstrated competence and earned our respect as president? C’mon, be serious!

Mike Apgar

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