LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Of vilifying the Republican tax act, president

Mark Twain must have been a time traveler. I suppose the quote that always elicits a chuckle is “If you don’t read a newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read a newspaper, you’re misinformed.” I’ve concluded the time traveler because of what he said about reporters. He said, “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.” It seems that what has become the Democratic Party today relishes that attitude and the recent editorial by Mr. Alan Gaddis. (“New tax plan keeps the ‘forgotten ones’ forgotten,” Jan. 2)

I suppose I lament the time when people from opposing parties could honestly discuss issues, but those days are obviously long gone. Mr. Gaddis simply cant escape using invectives and sarcasm as he bounces around trying to explain the recent Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Shall we begin with the first distortion: that being that the “Republicans” are responsible for the “83 percent” only getting tax relief for 10 years.

Actually 91 percent of “middle income” filers will get an immediate tax break. Each and every income bracket will enjoy some relief in not having money taken from their paycheck. The shelf for lower income filers has been raised, the standard deduction doubled, and the childcare credit increased. Many who paid taxes last year won’t pay any taxes and may actually get back money they didn’t pay in.

Mr. Gaddis adds this insinuation that such relief is tainted because the Republicans capped those tax breaks at 10 years. Oh the humanity. Had he bother to research the Constitution and how bills become law, he may have noted the brilliance of our Founding Fathers. Somehow they expected the parties to clash and to ensure a bill passed unimpeded, they set up a majority of 60 votes, hoping that some senators would actually be concerned about their constituents and cross the aisle to pass the bill.

Sadly they didn’t envision liberal socialists whose poisonous hate for the duly elected president would place them in lockstep. When the final vote of 51-49 did not meet this threshold, Congress was forced to use the “Reconciliation Act” in passing the bill with a simple majority. Reconciliation, however, has a caveat whereby a time limit must be set on the effectiveness of the law by what is referred to as the “Byrd procedure”. (Congressional Budget Act, Section 313(b)(1).

Seeing as how not one single Democrat voted for the bill, if Mr. Gaddis needs someone to blame, he need look no farther than his own party. Certainly no one would expect our two class clowns to vote to give us any relief, but we might have hope that nine others might have. So it is the Democrats who, in effect, stifled the law from becoming permanent.

Next comes the but scripted remarks about CEOs and the super-rich. Typical class warfare for the socialists, there’s no consideration that these people already carry the largest burden of money flowing into the U.S. Treasury. America had one of the highest tax rates for this income in the world. Considering that these are the people who offer stocks and bonds that many middle-class Americans gain profit through either direct stocks or through 401K retirement plans, this seems to be encouraging the killing of the golden goose. I would remind people that socialism has never worked and capitalism has never failed. I suppose you could make your own assumptions on which you’d prefer.

Certainly I expected the lamentations about Obamacare and any attempt to thwart this obscene bill. Notice that Mr. Gaddis refers to the “mandate” that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled was a “tax”? Well this tax is levied with the most impact on the lowest of wage earners. If you aren’t eligible for Medicare or Medicaid and earned more $16,000 a year (about $308 a week), you would be required to either sign up for Obamacare or you would be taxed on top of what you’d already paid. Now can you imagine the impact on someone only making $308 a week having to pay out $62 or 20 percent of his hard-earned money to a plan that has a huge deductible?

Yet if he doesn’t, he’ll be extorted by his own government. With the new law, insurance companies’ cash cow disappears and taxpayers have more income to invest on their own healthcare. As was the case for decades, employers reinvesting in their businesses and retaining good workers can now revisit including health care as perks. To argue that ERs will be costing taxpayers is simply a scare tactic. Taxpayers are already footing this bill along with anyone with health insurance. If you doubt that, check with your hospital for the cost of procedures with your insurance and if you pay in cash. Your vaunted ACA simply subsidizes the uninsured .

For some reason, it seems Mr. Gaddis thinks that a deal was brokered with Sen. Bob Corker to get passage of the bill. This is not remotely true. Corker, a lame duck who was being run out of town on a rail in his home state, was the sole Republican who voted against this bill.

Had Mr. Gaddis done as much research in finding the facts as he did in finding like voices to vilify the president, he might understand that only a Scrooge would find fault in being able to retain money that you’d worked for. Entreating God to bless us is seeing the splinter in someone else’s eye while ignoring the log in your own. God has freed us from oppressive government intrusion and I pray it continues.

George Roof


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