LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Will Carney be for Delaware’s commoners?

Then-Lt. Gov. John Carney was the keynote speaker at the Senior Olympics banquet several years ago. Since my wife was the bigger participant at this affair, I was more intrigued at the fact that the lieutenant governor would show up at a dinner for old people trying to stay fit. I can’t remember anything startling about his talk; it was just an endorsement of staying active as senior citizens. Of course, Gov. Minner was setting real policy for John, so, being a crusader would not be expected.

So, fast forward – to the anticipation with Gov. John Carney as the new chief executive. I now wonder how he will deliver his message and actions to all of the citizens of Delaware. Will it be similarly safe and as unremarkable as his speech, or one that takes the hint from the national election and comes to the aid of the working-class citizens of Delaware?

I have been a relentless campaigner of an overpass for our Greater Woods Haven Community. It’s possible it will get done in the coming year. But, the underlying fact of the matter is that this overpass would have prevented twice the [number of] injuries and deaths as the Thompsonville intersection, the Bowers Beach intersection, and of course, the Sports Center intersection.

All of those projects had the endorsement of the Democratic administrations because big business interests were more important to the Democratic leadership of Delaware, than preserving lives and [avoiding] injuries of the Delaware taxpayer and ordinary citizens.

So, when you look at the surprise that Donald Trump is our president, and the huge movement that Bernie Sanders has created, you can pick out a consistent theme: We have forgotten the “little guys” in our Democratic Party — and we have abandoned the legitimate role of government to help those who are not well funded or represented.

I sincerely hope that Gov. Carney will tap into the theme of a working families governor and make decisions that value the lives of our population, not the tourists and the money they bring on their way to the beach.

Emmett Venett

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