LETTER TO THE EDITORY: ‘Our’ monumental task in preserving history

Hopefully, I’m not being presumptuous by stating “our” — especially since the task involves saving the heritage and legacy left to us. Speaking from experience, I know it only takes a few with a strong self interest to subvert even the best of intentions.

The task we face is eradicating the effects of the secular progressive sophists who have and still are engaged in revising our nation’s history to promote their social agenda. Their success is maintaining a strong realm of ignorance, a realm where misinformation and hype allow tyrants to gain power.

If we fail, our children will bear the yoke of bondage because of our hubris and absence of humility we allowed the true light of liberty to be extinguished.

Again, speaking from experience, I can tell you this task will be challenging and tedious, testing not only your fortitude but the loyalties of all involved.

In an effort to be succinct, what I write to you now is not meant to express anger for what was done to me but rather to relate my shame for what I allowed to happen to you. When I went to the present leaders of the organization I founded, the 9-12 Patriots, with a request to be allowed to present a proposal to the members, they refused and decided for you. So I have been relegated to roam the highways here in Felton, Harrington and wherever I can attract some people to talk with and pursue the mission.

Two weeks ago, I built a replica of a statue called “Faith” which is the prominent statue on the National Monument to the Forefathers. I have been hauling this statue around in my little trailer handing out it to people. This monument is the largest granite monument in the USA. It is 81 feet high, weighs 180 tons and is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It is not only just a tribute to the founders, it is considered “a matrix” of liberty.

There is a DVD featuring Kirk Cameron called “Monumental” which I believe every family should get together and watch.

What I find amazing, especially after the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and acquiring this DVD, for quite some time I have been telling people we need to go back to the pilgrims’ journey from England to Holland and eventually coming here and creating a society from the Mayflower Compact, we need to do the same thing.

Russ “Grizzly” Murphy

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