Letter to Editor: What’s good for the goose …

You can all draw your own conclusions as to the out come of this overpriced misspent tax money boondoggle of the Mueller Report.

Delaware voters should pay very close attention to our elected representatives’ reaction to the Justice Department report.

I am not psychic but will try to foretell the progressive (read socialist response). Six months ago, Special Prosecutor Mueller and Asst, A,G, Rosenstein are water walkers. Now they will required by a congressional House dominated by progressives to violate unindicted and and innocents by constitutional law to have their personal laundry hung out in public.

What you are going to witness shortly is a complete lack of respect for U.S. citizens’ rights couched in the shadows of so-called transparency. Maybe we all take a stand and demand the same amount of scrutiny to all of our federally elected representatives. How about it?

Oh and maybe it is time to drug test them also. I have to for my job. Why not add an occasional polygraph for good measure? Is that a thin lie of perspiration I see?

T.S. Clark

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