LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Develop your personal sound bar

As an independent thinker with conservative values resulting in common sense solutions, I believe it is worthy to have a conversation with you. All of you — Republicans, Democrats and independents. Once we filter out the noise of all the rhetoric that is quite incessant in politics these days, there is a meaningful conversation to be had.

Republicans have a special bond as do other political parties. The value of this bond is a principle worthy of praise. It is still so important that we keep open communication so our message isn’t noise but reasonable points brought into discussions. Your presence at events is more than welcomed and appreciated so that we come together as one unit to expand a message beyond rhetoric.

While you may be primarily loyal to a particular party, you may not be enthusiastic with some of the issues that is supported. Put your precious voting right in the forefront and filter out the noise. Truly understand where your vote is most beneficial. How can we do that if we don’t listen? When the curtain closes at the voting booth, that’s when your vote counts.

Independents. No doubt it gets confusing. Statistics tell us that independents are quite content with the direction the country is going under the Trump administration. Again, so they tell us. Why only hear what others are telling you? Hear what is being said by candidates for yourself. President Trump isn’t running in these mid-terms and who you vote for will determine whether we will continue the forward/profitable/positive direction he has begun or will it be back to the status quo.

Tuesday, Nov. 6 is fast approaching, and the Rob Arlett for U.S. Senate team will be up and down the state many times. You are invited to any and all events where you will have an opportunity to meet him and hear what he has to say on numerous topics. Go to www.RobArlett.com and check Events page to see where he will be next.

Diane Meyer

EDITOR’S NOTE: Republican Rob Arlett is facing incumbent Democrat Tom Carper in the race for U.S. Senate.

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