LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A few political points to ponder

Let me start by saying that I’m from the old school, and no, I am not, and will never be, politically correct. With all the debating going on regarding several issues, I decided to add my two cents.

I’ll begin with the “mass deportation” issue. Needs to be done; illegal immigration has reached its peak and nothing has been done to stop it. The Statue of Liberty stands there for a reason: to welcome the masses of the weary and the broken. She’s also there to lead them in the right direction, meaning “come in the legal way and go through the process. Once that’s done, get a job and help to support the country that welcomed you with open arms.” Anyone who refuses and chooses to stay should be sent to fight with our military overseas.

You want to live here: defend the country. If, after going to fight for “your new country,” you survive, you should be granted legal status. While you remain here illegally, you should not have the right to vote, drive, protest, receive benefits you’re not entitled to, or be provided a free education.

Furthermore, if you give birth to a child here, that does not automatically make you an American citizen. It just means your child was born in this country; his/her heritage does not change. These statements may seem harsh, but they are true. Too many of our military, veterans, and children are struggling because they cannot receive the help they need through our government, which seems to be so quick to help everyone else.

Regarding the mass deportation issue: if there can be mass immigration, there can also be mass deportation. It’s the whole principle that strikes a nerve. Our forefathers had to come in the right way, and the same should stand today.

Second issue: The use of public bathrooms for transgender individuals. This should be a no-brainer: no! I respect the opinions and rights of everyone to a point, but this crosses the boundaries. Any person who chooses to change their gender has every right to do so. However, that change is a personal choice and should not result in everyone else accommodating that change. Children, particularly, should not have to be exposed to such things. It is the individual’s right to change, and in so doing, live with the consequences.

Third issue: God and prayer. Everyone has the right to believe in their own way. With so many “man-made’ religions, there is a lot to choose from. That being said, why is there so much controversy over prayers being said in the public arena? Why has God been removed from his rightful place as true leader of not only this country, but the world? Those of us who believe have the right to pray wherever we choose and the right to keep “In God We Trust” on all currency and the Ten Commandments anywhere they are displayed, enjoy Christmas Nativities, and by all means, say, “Merry Christmas.”

Government: All members of Congress should be given term limits, just like the president. Clean it up, get ’em out. Stop giving pay raises for doing nothing; ’nough said.

Fourth issue: Protect our “protectors,” our men and women who risk their lives every day to stop crime, and those serving overseas in senseless wars. Give them what they deserve when they are injured in the line of duty instead of handing he benefits to those undeserving. Use monies sent to foreign lands to help aid in more law enforcement. Crime has risen to an all-time high with no end in sight. Our officers need all the support they can get.

Fifth issue: Tougher penalties for animal abusers, especially those involved in dog fighting. No more slap-on-the-wrist deals; [rather,] jail time, higher fines, and a lifetime of never owning an animal again. Never!

Sixth issue: Child abuse/neglect in any form (other than spanking) should have [no] leniency at all. Children are innocent, and that innocence is lost, as well as trust, once they have been violated. If the abusers receive jail time, do not separate them from the general population. They are not special and do not deserve special treatment. Their crimes committed against the innocent are horrendous and the penalty should [fit] the crime

Seventh issue: Giving disability benefits to drug addicts. This only helps support their habits. Use those funds to support rehabilitation facilities that help to get them clean and free of their addictions.

Debbie Hilton

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