LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A message to our youth

It seems each time I read, hear or watch the news, the matters of our society and world are askew. Blatant racist, offensive remarks boldly and tactlessly spewed, lives disregarded by uniforms designed to protect and serve, a justice system that requires serious attention and reform in many areas, questionable leadership at every level who have no respect for their respective positions, women, race, other countries nor their leadership, authoritative figures taking advantage of their young charges… There are a plethora of examples that all prompt us to live in uncertainty as to what we will awaken and bid goodnight to.

And then I reflect on (some of) our youth’s unseemly behavior.. Killing, stealing, drugging and drinking, disrespecting themselves … one another … society, treating school/education as a joke, not caring about their future. It’s sad because then you must consider the paradigm their world is setting before them. Charity indeed begins at home, but what’s witnessed beyond is disheartening.

If I could, I’d encourage the youth with these words from Dr. Martin Luther King:

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

Dianne Scott


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